1 Chess Tournament. 7 Instructive Games.

Watch live at
0:00 hunting the hippo
14:00 OH NO MY QUEEN (Caro Kann Prep)
28:40 Advice for Chess Beginners
30:22 My Pet Line vs Queen’s Gambit
50:30 My Pet Line vs the Sicilian Defense
58:40 Roti Opening Leads to Super Intense Endgame
1:19:42 6-move London Opening Trap
1:27:55 Aggressive Reply to Catalan Opening

Final Tournament Standings (spoiler):
Full tournament standings (spoiler)

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  1. Thanks for making videos on instructive games! I much prefer learning from slower time controls so I can learn more from the chess

  2. Thank you so much for yet another awesome video. Hands down, best chess streamer/youtuber out there.

    Eric, every day that you post you further your incredible legacy of chess lessons and tactics content. You are a living legend 🙂

  3. Just like to say that you are a wonderful ambassador for your craft and I love watching you play <3

  4. As a Besiktas fan, your playing style is very instructive and fun to watch! Thank you Fenerbahce we are proud of you ❤❤❤

  5. 13:00 if I didn't know better I would think this streamer is high, but I know Eric probably just had too much tea

  6. I love that he calls Levy an up and coming chess streamer. Actually great sarcasm towards a good friend.

  7. Bro WHAT? I got in an Eric Rosen video? 12:11 I don't even remember playing that game (or the last time I played rapid for that matter), but I am honored.

    And then the game gets covered by google's "recap" results… 🤦🤦

  8. Eric, what is the music you played when you took a break?

  9. And the whole thing has been watched on YT like a maniac. Thanks for the fun games and the calming voice Eric😍

  10. Why is the standard Lichess set of pieces so ugly?

  11. I'm ass at chess but Eric's attitude never fails to impress me

  12. Bottom right corner would be a nice spot to add twitch chat for better transparency and understanding of chat conversation.

  13. Eric rosen is the most humble chess player. I always enjoy watching your videos, calm and instructive. Keep up 😉

  14. Love you Eric! We're an ex Blizzard & Riot indie team, just released Chess Minis on Android & iOS! Love for you to check it out.

  15. Every GM was once a newb.. so true. As long as we clarify that by "once", we mean "at around age 5".


  17. Out of all the chess streamers out there I honestly feel I have learnt the most from this man, the Stafford, the Greek gift etc thanks Eric keep making vids boet

  18. Rosen you better explain how international Master couldn't win vs Magnus who played multiple boards at the same time + who recently got demolished by cheater newman

  19. 10:36 😀 I love and laugh at these moments in your games, your opponent's bishop is not in the game and the king is completely helpless 😀

  20. Really enjoy these more relaxed, instructive, slightly longer time control games.

  21. 13:01 I unlocked a new level of respect for you, because you didn't know what 'no cap' means.

  22. In your first game on move 11 if you play d4 you win the bishop.

  23. Have sales of the Oh No My Queen tshirts gone up since the passing of Elizabeth?

  24. Eric, as always a nice YT video. I also like to mention another YT fyi, this guy is as a chill as you are and he LOVES to play the Londen :). As he is also very instructive maybe you can teach him somethings :). If you have some spare time please give yourself a pleasure to meet Alex Banzea, a young IM from Romenia who can use a boss like you! Till next video 🙂

  25. Videos like these are my fav Rosen content! Keep this up, yo!

  26. Another piece of advice for those who are nervous about playing against people as opposed to bots: it’s really fun playing against people. Try to focus on the fun, not the pressure or the expectations.

  27. 34:09
    "What's your favorite opening for white?"
    Me: "Ponziani, ponziani, ponziani"
    Eric: "most people know it's the London"
    the plot thickens

  28. 58:35 thats the laugh I'm living for. Peek content Eric, thank you for instructional dry humor.

  29. 55:23 if you play Rxc5, the queen cannot take the rook because of the menace of getting your own queen in f6, which would result in an instant win.

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