1 Minute Madness Warzone Chess Tournament [18]


This is a chess tournament (1 Minute Madness) I competed in on chesscube.com while livestreaming on .Time controls are 1 minute per player, however with a time handicap they are adjusted according to both players’ ratings.


  1. Hey, Jerry, I suggest you make a video explaining the fishing pole trap in detail 😀

  2. FINALLY I know why it looked familiar! That bothered the *** out of me every time I saw it!

  3. Didn't have that in mind back in the day, but the resemblance is definitely there.

  4. There are always several inaccuracies by everyone- it is bullet after all! =P

  5. Kingscrusher's recently got a 4-part vid out playing against chessexplained.

  6. I really hate playing matches where the player is hopelessly destroyed and refuses to resign…

  7. it's not really his fault people voted it up

  8. 12:36 missed the free rook! Love your games man.

  9. i have NO clue how to play chess, but i love watching your vids!

  10. yeah wheres the one min vs chessexplained

  11. hey jerry, you said launching the H pawn isn't such a good idea for regular chess. you seem to keep launching the F pawn when you play white. is that good for regular chess so it doesn't get stuck by a knight?

  12. That is one reason. Often times, when the E pawns are blockaded on e4 and e5, the D pawn might be protecting it on d3, and you want to break their e5 control. F4 is a good way to open the file later for a rook, and also you get to make use of the pawn before Nf3 is played. I try to take that into account as I develop a bishop. I compare which pawn to which bishop, and then apply that take onto c4 or f4 to my Nc3 or Nf3 development.

  13. If you play Starcraft you should post some of your games 🙂

  14. because there's a difference in ratings, so Jerry gets less seconds to think to make it more equal.

  15. your warzone videos are plane awesome, keep it up jerry! big fan from Spain

  16. 16:48 this should become the Jerry's Phalanx variation 😀

  17. 2:57 omg he mentioned Starcraft 2 players? 😀 ive been playing starcraft 1 for 9 years lol 🙂 watched all ur vids, keep it up bro

  18. Post some starcraft vids dude 🙂 Also great chess as usual

  19. Has anyone actually found this tournament on chessexplained's channel?

  20. ChessNetwork, KingsCrusher and ChessExplained in one Tourney – Awesome!

  21. chess network is one of the best chess channels i've ever stumbled on.

  22. That first game is hilarious! Jerry, from a dead drawn position and with no time: "I wanna win, though!"

  23. 27:56 After black played Rf8, does Rxf6 work? Cause it seems to me like it does.

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