10 Chess Traps to Win FAST!!

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How To Win FAST In Chess – 10 Moves Or Less

0:00 Intro
0:50 Gambits For White
3:52 5/6 Moves: Caro Kann
7:20 7 Moves: Ponziani
11:08 8 Moves: Fried Liver
14:37 10 Moves: English
18:51 Gambits For Black
23:08 6/7 Moves: Portuguese
27:00 8 Moves: Englund
30:37 9 Moves: Albin
35:07 10 Moves: Stafford

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  1. What if the enemy was white and starting with the Knight

  2. What if they dont move their pawn to e5 in the first one

  3. Wayward queen and fried liver is my favorite

  4. I played a practice game with ponziani, I'm veyr surprised that a lot of intermediate players don't know that ;-;

  5. at 25:29, can't white just play pawn to d5and attack our bishop and knight??

  6. Or soomething who's less cringe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. I like that Albin where most of the moves are just the pawn walking across the board getting promoted to a knight. Love it.

  8. I played once the albin
    Then lost on the spot cuz I didn't know how to play it😅😅😅

  9. Thank you so much I love chess so this was extremely helpful

  10. For 2st trap I take rook and they do hf7 reaping your queen?

  11. I won with Ponziani in 13 moves and the opponent was devastated lol…. I literally love Ponziani

  12. Bro you say some of the funniest things ever in your videos 😂 "embarrass your opponent and feel good about yourself" had me rolling

  13. but what if we both start with kings pawn on caro trap?

  14. What about (stafford gambit) bishop takes knight?

  15. Newbie here🤣 and love your SARCASM GC! Thanks for the tips and tricks😊

  16. Wanna say man I started back up chess a few months ago and was rusty but not incompetent. Was climbing up the elo from 400 to 600 in a coupe of month just by do or die learning. Kept get mud 7s and drop back down. So watched a few people’s videos and I felt there was holes in their logic, nothing is exact in chess from one game to the next I know but then came across yours. Man I’ve got up to mud to late 900s now in the past 4 days and am starting to comfortably beat 1100s. You decipher the information well and explain the reasonings instead of just saying what to do which helps you fill in the blanks better when getting off the beaten track. Thank you

  17. Levy I use the Vienna game and I keep losing should I change and if so what to

  18. The way you learn the chess is hats off! Superb moves!❤

  19. at 16:16 pawn to f6 is the most natural/first move people would do. People tend to try to defend with a pawn first. But thinking about it , it is a triple defended square, pushing the bishop out. if white attacks it would not be a piece trade but rather winning a night/bishop for a pawn.
    What should we do then (when pawn goes f6 ) ? ? ? or is that most logical move the end of the trick/attack ?

  20. Why do the chess teachers say full bishop, full rook, we took a full rook, or we took a full bishop. I mean there are no half bishops? Is this a common terminology I am genuinely curious!

  21. Thanks for these amazing concepts I won a game of chess in 11 moves with this from a player rated higher than me

  22. At the Black's first move what of there is only one step of that pawn….

  23. fuk how long ago did this get filmd

  24. he specifically said for white pieces :😢

  25. What if the pawn comes in front to kill the Queen? Time 2:55 sec.

  26. If you move anything next to the king it takes it

  27. Gothem my rating has gone up from 430 to 531 in one day

  28. The problem is my enemies are watching this video

  29. The queen can literally kill our queen

  30. Been testing out that Scholars mate deadly effective if the opportunity is there

  31. Ummm Gotham? thats not checkmate the bishop can eat the knight and queen will kill it back THEN the white will kill the black queen so that means no checkmate?
    heres the time 22:19

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