10 Things You Should NEVER Do In Chess Tournaments

These are 10 things you should avoid doing at chess tournaments!! Hope this inspires you to play more tournaments ๐Ÿ™‚ let me know in the comments any other points you think I should add to this list!

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00:00-1:39 Know the basics
1:39-4:26 Don’t distract
4:26-5:16 Don’t talk to friends
5:16-6:28 Don’t stand up on your turn
6:28-7:47 Don’t offer too many draws
7:47-8:40 Poker face
8:40-10:12 Touch move
10:12-11:07 Illegal moves
11:07-11:57 Bonus Point
11:57-12:50 Always shake hands
12:50-14:00 Check tournament rules

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  1. In tournament Bridge, there are very similar rules.

  2. Because of touch move, you say โ€œarrangeโ€ if you want to arrange your pieces before you touch them.

  3. Nonsense on the non-announcement of check. I've played tournament chess on and off for 30 years and never heard this. I recently had a Q+Ps vs. Q+Ps endgame for about 30 moves with my opponent's unsheltered king receiving checks frequently. You bet I gave him a verbal "Check!" every time I could. If he wants to play on in an inferior position and not resign he is going to hear check when I say it.

  4. So playing with your captured pieces like poker players play with their chips is cool ๐Ÿ™ƒ ๐Ÿช™๐Ÿช™๐Ÿช™โ™Ÿโ™Ÿโ™Ÿ

  5. Rule number 11: never underestimate the cow opening!

  6. Othe people : i love chess
    Anna : i love chais

  7. Did you know players from New Zealand always do the haka before the matches?
    Itโ€™s fascinating

  8. Nice video! Thank you for the tips. I'm not going to say "Check" anymore. Something interesting about the rules, they change. Years ago, when playing a tournament, the arbiter told me that when having less than 5 minutes I could stop taking notes of the moves, to avoid decreasing the match quality. I stopped playing tournaments, last year I played again a tournament and stopped taking notes when having less than 5 minutes, and my oponent called the arbiter. It was embarrassing the arbiter told me that I had to always take notes.

  9. Just remember, all these things are good rules, unless you're Bobby Fisher.
    If you're an eccentric genius, you can do whatever the hell you want.

  10. what if your opponent fail to notice they're being checked. Can you take their king?

  11. Ok, point number 8 (or *9 or bonus): โœ…

  12. Point #4 may be an etiquette issue but it is not a rule issue. You can stand up at any time during the game, whether or not it is your turn. You can even walk around the room while your clock is running. It is not usually a good idea, but I can think of a situation where it can be useful. Say you have been low on time so you are blitzing out moves and you are approaching the 40th move when you will get more time on your clock. Taking a quick break after move 40 by standing up and walking around a little bit can snap you out of the blitz-mode mentality so that you do not unnecessarily move too fast.

    Going to the restroom while it's your turn, on the other hand, is suspicious. I wouldn't do that.

  13. Free deoderant at every tournament should be the norm hehe

  14. Ok but do I need to know how to play chess?

  15. This was very interesting, despite the fact that playing in tournaments would not be something I would enjoy personally. To each his own.

  16. how many elo do you need to be in a tournament though

  17. I am a new player I often forget my piece are under attack in order to give check

  18. Sheโ€™s a good looking woman.. very distracting during playing her at chess..just came across her content and itโ€™s pretty cool. I donโ€™t play chess because I suck ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ but I enjoy the vids

  19. Can you explain the en passant rule one day?
    Is it legal in tournaments?
    I find not many are aware of it and my understanding is unclear.

  20. 11:48 I don't know why or where it started, but to a lot of beginners like me, we being told that is a rule to say check when we check

  21. Number 8, 8 and 8. Chess player tend to struggle with the decimal system. ๐Ÿ˜…

  22. I imagine farting is pretty high on the list..

  23. I am a little late . But is not standing up on your turn a big deal ? Sometimes , its refreshing to look at something else or wash your face in the washroom before making a move .

  24. Anna, you are a becoming a super business woman, charming, talented and very popular. You would be a great ambassador for clothes, hair care, skin care, health & beauty products, travel, etc. It's great to see and we wish you all the best.

  25. Not showering for a week gives a 1500-rated hope of winning that major tournament.

  26. As a tournament player, I disagree with standing up on your turn and the pokerface. Lot of ppl are kinda expressive tbh, and maybe you look a bit suspicious when you stand up on your turn but imo it's alright to do so. Maybe you forgot the "no ringbell" rule too. Agree with the rest

  27. Secret weapon of smelly armpits. No rules against it and you can handle your own funk better than anyone else can (proven by science).

  28. You are allowed to ask permission from the arbiter to go to the toilet when it is your turn, I have done that!

  29. Well, I have offered a draw when I was much worse and my opponents agreed many times. I find it a good option, bailing out!

  30. First illegal move your opponent gets extra time, you donโ€™t have time deducted, 1 minute in blitz and 2 minutes in rapid and standard!

  31. Great vid Anna. Just played my first OTB tournament and knew most of these. Keep doing all the positive things you do.

  32. Appropriate dress. No flip flops, bare feet, shorts, or tank tops. For women (especially, but not exclusively), some demureness in skin exposure (i.e., cleavage and hemlines). And for God's sake, guys, wear a belt! NOBODY needs to see your plumber's crack.

    To add to the hygiene point, clean hands are a must. That's why you should steer clear of oily, greasy, or leaky foods during the game. ALSO… don't come in with foul breath. Use mouthwash!

  33. Never ever ever put your feet up on the table. Unless your shoes have holes in the bottoms. Also, try to trim or paint your nails on YOUR turn only. Belching is permitted, provided you can make a song out of it. And if you're a bald guy, don't bother bringing a comb, because you'll never part with it.

  34. I play a lot of poker and playing with people who have body odor is the worst. I've left because of it a couple times.

  35. Now i know how to defeat Anna in every tournament. Just dont shower for a week before the tournament starts.

  36. I recall playing OTB in the 60s and there were people who disobeyed just about all those rules! It was great fun! Well, interesting in any case, and sometimes annoying… Tal used to like walking around as he liked the dramatic nature of chess and of being seen..Chess is an insidiious disease….People go mad trying to beat it….which is impossible…no one masters chess….

  37. In my time it was allowed to eat, drink and smoke during the game, and after move 40, and time control. the game would be adjourned. Development in AI scrapped adjourned games. A pity.

  38. Hey Anna,

    Most points were VERY accurate, thanks a lot!
    If you're playing a tournament which follow FIDE laws of chess (which should be every tournament imo): Just some small notes from a FIDE Arbiter here who worked on every level of tournament (school level to 2700++).

    Regarding the "Do not stand up during your turn*: That's actually not true. You can stand up during your turn which is especially common in team tournaments if you receive a draw offer to tell your team captain that you received a draw offer (not allowed to discuss anything else but "hey my opponent offered a draw" "ok take or"/"ok decline it" or something like "wait") or to look at your teammates games to decide if you have to play for a win.
    In solo tournaments you can also stand up as long as you do not leave the "playing area" (the area where the boards are). If you have to go to the toilet, that is also fine, you just have to tell an arbiter beforehand (the arbiter does not have to allow it but in most cases any arbiter will allow that).

    I hope that helps someone ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Another tip:When you are castling ALWAYS touch the king first because if you touch the Rook first it will be counted as a rook move and you must move the rook because castling is a king's ability

  40. Where did you buy this chess set ? (board + pieces) it's really pretty

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