1,000 Person Chess Tournament!

1,000 Person Chess Tournament!
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  1. Now you have to address him as rank 11 chess champion Daniel Gheesling

  2. I've never cheered harder than when Dan got that first mate 😌

  3. How have I just been recommended a chess video by one of the greatest big brother players ever

  4. My man almost came out of his seat on that first mate. 418 elo pogging off! Let's get that up to 596! #chessgoals

  5. "It's a beautiful thing this game they call Chess" Is that what you're playing? That being said keep on getting those Ws Dan!

  6. This is the only chess I like, it's too fast to be boring Haha.

  7. Love the final fantasy music in the background.

  8. 8:20 so I see Dan has no idea what a draw by repetition is. And he claims he won the game despite blundering his queen from the start. He'll never learn

  9. Good lord every video gets harder to watch. Dan has no idea what game he is playing. If he joined a real tournament, instead of one where everyone is about as bad as he is, he would absolutely get the bottom place

  10. Okay you can tell from the first match alone that Dan is improving so much. he recognizes that double-rook mate risk from his opponent even in boletaria chess

  11. I'm so so impressed by Dan's improvement at Chess, a dang inspiration

  12. 13:35 where he hovers over the check mate square and decides against it.
    When you find mate in 1, look for better

  13. 27:47 "It's not about the mate, it's about the 6 inches in front of us."

    Things you can say about your chess game but not your love life.

  14. I know this will sound weird, but Dan is improving at chess…

  15. "I'm playing my mill deck" perfect voice for mill frogs

  16. Incredibly pogged content, I was on the edge of my seat, each game was a thrill! Congrats on all the W's!

  17. Where can I find that Zelda Melody at the beginning of the video? That song was awesome!!

  18. This is one of those events that counts as evidence that we're all living in a simulation.

  19. A lot of very obvious improvement in this video

    The puzzleticity paid off

  20. Dan actually crushing it! Look at the ELOs of everyone else at the top of the tourney. Lots of quad digits, some below Dan himself! 12 wins 3 losses is nothing to scoff at. Excellent work man.

  21. If you make more of these I will pre-jack the like button.

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