11 year old beats a Grandmaster & SMILES! #shorts

That happiness after beating a GM! 🔥

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. We make the best CHESS videos but no one watches 🥺🥺

  2. Is he the same boy who claps his hands when super excited? Whats his name?

  3. The gm=💀💀💀💀💀💀😭

  4. Wait, that grandmaster made a crucial mistake, it’s staged.

  5. Why didn’t he take the knight with his rook at e5?

  6. Grandmaster: My career is a lie and shattered 💀

  7. Sitting back waiting for the GM to resign.

  8. The knight was free for two time and the grandmaster didnt even bother to take it

  9. There are two rules to follow / remember playing chess
    Rule number 1 – when you see a kid under 15 in a tournament, just RUN from there
    Rule number 2 – Always remember rule number 1

  10. Kid made 2 brilliant moves and beat a gm. Wow.

  11. Kid was under lot of stress though. Good work kid👍🏻

  12. What will u get to beat a kid ?
    – absolutely nothing
    So whenever you saw a " kid" in adult section of chess just run away or play quietly in the corner…😂

  13. This 11 year old boy beat a Grandmaster is a genius , means the IQ of this boy might reached to 200 .

  14. GM: *Confident
    Kid: *Anxious

    At the end . . .

    Gm: *Anxious
    Kid: *confident

  15. In
    In an exhibition game in mid seventies of the 20th century, former world champion Tigran Petrosyan plàyed against a 9 year old chess talent of
    Bacolod city. Philippines. The boy was playing for a draw, which the Armenian didn't grant. Had the game been drawn, the boy could'v been encouraged and later on become a GM!

  16. Egor has a nickname on YouTube – Stormbreaker Jr. We have been following his success for a long time, as he is one of the most promising young talents in Russia. Thanks for this short!

  17. Chess rule number 1: if there's a Kid in the adult tournament, run as fast as you can and don't look behind

  18. Remember when are dads were the best at chess now there's kids like this

  19. Dude there’s no way possible that’s a gm. I’m like 400 Elo and can say he couldn’t easily moved down his peice and took the pawn and been on the attack

  20. Bro's like my Chinese friend, fr tho

  21. If the old man is a grandmaster, then I'm better than hikaru 😂😂😂

  22. A cara do vagabundo quando ganha kkkk

  23. Does the 11 year old have a name? Does the Grandmaster have a name? I think at least their names should appear in the description of the video.

  24. The first of many greatest moments of his life. I look forward to watching him develop

  25. I thought he hung his knight 😂 but then I realised he would just push his pawn and queen if black took

  26. Classical OTB chess is exhausting man. Sometimes you’re playing a game for 5 hours. That’s a smile of relief and exhaustion if anything.

  27. Wait is a gm how gm play so bad he was fork 2 times literally

  28. This really shows that practice and dedication can lead to victory in every challenge

  29. His got the signature head shake of a GM too at the end of a match, albeit happier still. lol

  30. The bro who readied his queen,the gm knows that shit gets real

  31. Bro already took out queen because he knew he will promote for sure

  32. he cleared the confusion by showing the text
    "11 year old"
    on screen

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