13 Year Old’s Endgame Will Make Your Heart Pound! Liora vs Tyler

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  1. At the starting the black king and queen's position was wrong

  2. But actually king will not attack we can do checkmate or check

  3. I have a set of chess pieces like this, they are made of polyethylene material, with weight inside.
    I only know that it’s made by the Staunton brand, here in Brazil we call this type of set “Peso Quádruplo” but I don’t know the official name of this set. If anyone knows it, please tell me

  4. Черный руку отпустил и мат должен получить.
    Черные паскуды!!

  5. Hi
    My name is Jamil.
    I new start chess. Please give me you idea to my video and my chess level.

  6. Did she like resign when she moved her king up one because that’s an illegal move cause she was still in check

  7. This reminds me of young Magnus Carlsen playing with Garry Kasparov😊

  8. 10:37 at this moment a very strong illegal is committed by having captured the king

  9. 5:57 why didn't liora like take the b5 pawn to check a rook and get a free pawn instead of checking a just a rook without any promos

  10. This makes no sense u cant get ur self into check

  11. How many times do I have to say Rook E1 CHECK !!! in the endgame

  12. @10:14 Rd5 is the winning move i assume
    Attacking the passed pawn and creating lucena positiom

  13. she shouldve done rook f6 a rook for a rook

  14. the openig was trash Middle Game Was Even Worse EndGame Was Absolute Attrocities

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