1336 rated Darsh Shetty stuns National Champion Divya Deshmukh (2301) in Guwahati

In the first round of the Guwahati GM International 2022, WGM Divya Deshmukh was up against Darsh Shetty. Divya with a rating of 2301 was rated nearly 1000 points above her opponent Darsh (1336). However, Darsh played a phenomenal game to down the reigning national women’s champion. How did Darsh do it? We analyze the game in this video and we also have some moments from the encounter, as well as a short interview with Darsh after the game.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. As a correspondence chess player I play trompwosky regularly as White , but never felt it as a strong opening for white.Divya shdn't chose Tromp in this game and go for regular lines! She may wanted to surprise his opponent, but actually he surprised her🀨After Blacks 2…d5 I usually play 3.Bxf6.

  2. The determination and that hunger for success is all i saw in this interview. When the interviewer asked what titles he want to achieve, he was like a hungry beast as he answered *world champion*. I am just impressed and inspired by this kid.

  3. Samay Effect finally affecting Divya now πŸ˜…

  4. This game is a testament to how big of a gap there is between women's ratings and men's ratings.

  5. How much rating point he won can anybody tell me

  6. This is why India is very underrated,there are soo many lower rated players that play so good that they beat higher rated players but then when they themselves become higher rated they start struggling against people like themselves…

  7. Are u talking about the game next to the players??? just wondering… cheers everyone.

  8. Thank you so much. Loved the use of the word prophylactic.

  9. Boys having 1300rating there is difference

  10. 1336 rated player not played like 1336 rated but Divya not played like 2300 elo rated player she fall out when the opponent play correct ok moves. Divya need to show the 2300 elo rated player chess .

  11. as a 2300 FIDE myself, I know how it feels like to play against underrated opponents. Darsh is obviously by far stronger than his rating. Could easily imagine to lose against this top talent as well.

  12. FIDE must have a rule to assess the ratings of players. These kids with extremely good guidance and coaching for several months, are ready to topple top rated chess masters. It's very painful πŸ’” 😒 for the great masters. Just to get back the rating points they have lost, it will take several months.

    FIDE, please do consider the strength of the players at the time of playing for the young and low rated players, which can be done by letting them play with chess engines. And now we know how devastating their knowledge of the game.

    May the chess masters meet their opponents with good awareness with regards to player's strength.
    Kasparov is the best guide in this regard.

  13. I can't imagine a 2300 losing in an endgame to a 1300, endgame is the part where novices differ from the pros.

  14. One blunder, chances everything, no mater how much rated he or she is

  15. 2300's don't lose to 1300's. Either she's rated much higher than her strength or he's rated much lower. A true 2300 would never lose to a true 1300.

  16. Exactly my point. Once he starts with the analysis you can see this kid is much stronger than 1300. 1300's simply don't play that precise and patient. A 1300 would have been hasty with e5 and would have not accessed the a5 pawn push correctly. 1300 players aren't positional like this kid is showing he is here

  17. i can relate to Darsh … my rating is 1400 but my strength is around 2550

  18. At the end of the day, it's a woman πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19. Most of them thinks rating is peculiar but the reality is men are better in chess .

  20. Onee san fell for a shota in real life ❀

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