1972: Bobby Fischer’s World Chess Championship

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Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky for the The 1972 World Chess Championship. Taking a look at the history and the famous chess games, analyzed for beginners and intermediate players.

0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1 + Drama
4:17 Game 3
9:03 Game 5
13:19 Game 6
20:25 Game 11

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  1. Everybody saying that fischer's demands were ridiculous, i dont really get it most of them are just standard for chess today, they seem pretty reasonable like who tf wants to play with a camera whirring the whole time.

  2. Kerry Gael - join The National Party says:

    Bobby Fischer was insanely based.

  3. It's a shame game 13 was not covered. It was the best game of the match.

  4. 20:00 “It’s April 4th, 2021! If you haven’t seen Queen’s Gambit yet it’s not my fault I spoiled the final scene”
    Me, January 12th, 2023: Still haven’t seen Queen’s Gambit…

  5. I love the film Pawn Sacrifice, which is all about Bobby Fischer

  6. Man don’t really thank me.. I just made it through the video cause I was high

  7. So cool, how you can go back in time with chess and back in time with youtube.

  8. This video made me appreciate Spassky Bobby was the better player but Spasskys class and preparation was unmatched incredible player

  9. I've watched this video over 10x times, amazing chess

  10. As always, excellent and fascinating analysis.

  11. One was the greatest player and the other was a great person

  12. i'd suggest watching a movie called "pawn sacrifice"

  13. Wow I could not care less about the chess game from a Jewish Nazi.

    What a fucking wild thing. Someone that says, “The Holocaust didn’t happen, but if it did, they had it coming.”

    And the chess community is totally fine with it. Like I don’t care if you’re the greatest player of all time. That kind of shit should disqualify you from being upheld as the best of anything. You should be shunned and forgotten like the low, nothing human that you are.

    Robert Fischer is a horrible human and deserves nothing but vitriol and hatred, never respect.

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