1972: Bobby Fischer’s World Chess Championship

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Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky for the The 1972 World Chess Championship. Taking a look at the history and the famous chess games, analyzed for beginners and intermediate players.

0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1 + Drama
4:17 Game 3
9:03 Game 5
13:19 Game 6
20:25 Game 11

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  1. This is one of your better videos. You did a great job with these games.

  2. The thing with Bobby's demands was actually him psychologically playing with Spassky, making him view Bobby as a weak player always making excuses, which allowed Bobby to come back and completely destroy Spassky because of how overconfident he became.

  3. good commentary after just watching the movie, thanks. 🙂

  4. Great video and extremely entertaining! Thank you!

  5. I'm late to the show, but one of the more remarkable facts about Fischer, besides his toxic personality, is that he died at 64, the same number of squares on the board.

  6. Jimmy Carson? Is that Johnny's brother?

  7. Didn't Bobby have some sort of hypersensitivity to noise and they put noisy cameras around there? There's this weird thing about geniuses having that problem too. I also wonder if he was fucking with Spassky because after the third match his paranoia rubbed off on Spassky who started thinking he was being bugged and then Bobby started kicking his ass over and over and over again. lol.

  8. Thank you for this fun analysis. But Why were they not changing colors?

  9. Bobby is the goat! Magnus wouldn't stand a chance!

  10. Chess made Fischer go insane fischer went to prison and spassky visited him and played him in chess bobby.died at the early age of 64

  11. Spassky was even ready to be imprisoned with Bobby as long as they have a chess board with them.

  12. This game was part of "48 Laws of Power" Fischer played mind games against Spassky

  13. You know, the 2 players remind me of 900s. They did a CRAP TON OF TRADING

  14. Chess was huge in the Soviet Union, it was on par with hockey and football (soccer) over there. The Soviets even paid their good chess players a salary to simply study and play the game. They were also famous for teamwork at the top level of the game, there were no show offs per say, it was more of a team or fellowship environment which is why they were so good at the game back then.

  15. IMO Spassky is why Bobby won the '72 WCT
    Probably no other player would have endured Bobby's intolerable behavior
    Don't get me wrong
    BF was the better player
    His achievements in chess are unparalleled
    But had Boris not given in to his demands
    The match would have never have been finished
    And I doubt Fisher would ever have played again.
    Lots of respect for Boris

  16. That spasky game against the Sicilian,my oh my

  17. If it hadn't been for Bobby Fischer's "intolerable behavior" and constant demands, chess players wouldn't be enjoying today's large prize funds and excellent playing accommodations. He helped raise the level of professional chess. Kudos to Bobby, the greatest all-time chess champion.

  18. Excellent video, you definitely have a knack for breaking things down and giving insight to positions etc. I certainly hope you stay with it.

  19. I was Classic on RedHotPawn back In the day…

    …I always started with the Ruy Lopez Defence and then It was just All-Out-Attack…

  20. Perhaps if they eventually perfect cloning, they can clone Fischer.

  21. Boris Spassky is the epitome of class.

  22. Everybody saying that fischer's demands were ridiculous, i dont really get it most of them are just standard for chess today, they seem pretty reasonable like who tf wants to play with a camera whirring the whole time.

  23. Kerry Gael - join The National Party says:

    Bobby Fischer was insanely based.

  24. It's a shame game 13 was not covered. It was the best game of the match.

  25. 20:00 “It’s April 4th, 2021! If you haven’t seen Queen’s Gambit yet it’s not my fault I spoiled the final scene”
    Me, January 12th, 2023: Still haven’t seen Queen’s Gambit…

  26. I love the film Pawn Sacrifice, which is all about Bobby Fischer

  27. Man don’t really thank me.. I just made it through the video cause I was high

  28. So cool, how you can go back in time with chess and back in time with youtube.

  29. This video made me appreciate Spassky Bobby was the better player but Spasskys class and preparation was unmatched incredible player

  30. I've watched this video over 10x times, amazing chess

  31. As always, excellent and fascinating analysis.

  32. One was the greatest player and the other was a great person

  33. i'd suggest watching a movie called "pawn sacrifice"

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