2012 Tal Memorial Chess Tournament – Kramnik vs. Grischuk – KID Bayonet Attack


This is a game from Round 2 of the 7th Mikhail Tal Chess (2012) Tournament held in Moscow, Russia between Vladimir Kramnik and Alexander Grischuk.

Opening: King’s Indian Defense – Bayonet Attack ECO E97

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  1. JERRY JERRY JERRY.. springer. LOOL jk we want chess jerry

  2. that was really instructive. I learned 2 new things

  3. A really subtle yet destructive move at the end.

  4. When I see Jerry videos in my sub box, my day instantly becomes better <3

  5. I think the screen at 4:00 summarizes why people don't like to play chess >.<

  6. Jerry, your videos are some of the most instructive I've ever seen. Well done.

  7. Mind going over Caruana vs Nakamura move by move?

  8. This one time I went to Australia and met a Koala bear, I said to him…buddy, you might look like a bear and be called a bear but you're not a bear. He replied, "What do you mean I'm not a bear? I have all the koalifications."

  9. I think Kramnik had a lot of preparation going before the Tal Memorial

  10. Thanks a lot for the vid Jerry, I found it somewhat more instructive than usual!

  11. wow! i love your explanation of 13.Bg2.
    Daniel King was only pointing out that from g2 its able to go to h3 and support e6

  12. why are all the top comments the same now? is everyone just copy-pasting the "my day instantly gets better" just to get a new top comment?

  13. your commentary keeps getting better and better. cool

  14. Every single detail you give on this game is extremely useful, I'll definitely watch this again.

  15. Very instructive video .
    One little question though : why does Jerry use the word "pig" for a rook ? 🙂

  16. 9:54, wow. He spent 25 minutes on that move. A lot of calculations I would imagine.

  17. Thanks a lot for your explanation. It is very illustrative and formidable.

  18. The rooks are sometimes referred to as "pigs on the seventh", because they often threaten to "eat" the opponent's pieces or pawns.

  19. i love positions like the end of this game. material actually in favour of black and no immediately decisive mating threat anywhere to be seen, but nevertheless a lost position 🙂

  20. pig pig pig … i like it when jerry said this 😛

  21. If I ever were to play against Jerry in real life… He's definitely allowed to give commentaries to his heart content. Though, I'll probably be 'distracted' and nonafry him 'by accident.' ;D

    Thanks for the commentary again!

  22. Great analysis, probably one of the best I've seen online. b5 was decisive!

  23. Wonderful video, great commmentary and insight into a beautiful game.

  24. Can't wait to see your analysis on Aronian vs. Mcshane!

  25. Really helpful analysis. What is the time control of these games (Tal Memorial)?

  26. Waiting for the commentary of Aronian Mcshane games

  27. Yep! A castle on the 7./ 2. rank is called a pig. It can gobble up pawns and make some nasty threats.

  28. Jerry, you are awesome commentator. Pure and simple explanation, no hyperbole.

    For me, Jerry is best commentator in all of youtube.

    Thank you for your instructive commentary.

  29. Hi everybody I analyzed game between Alexander Morozevich and Magnus Carslen and put video on my channel……check it out 😉

  30. Hey Jerry this is a really cool video thanks. I have just one suggestion, when you were talking about Qxh5 you never mentioned why the Queen couldn't be taken. I know for most people it is obvious that the defending pawn was pinned to the king but I still think it would be good to mention pins like that. Either way the video was amazing as usual and I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks

  31. Fantastic commentary. Just the right amount and devoid of pomp or jargon. Will watch many more!

  32. why is a rookie on the 7th called a pig? anyone plzzzz tell me the secret.

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