2023 U.S. Chess Championships: Round 2


Live from the World Chess Hall of Fame, the U.S. (overall) & U.S. Women’s Championships are two round robin tournaments (pairings below). Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila, and WGM Katerina Nemcova for the move-by-move.


ROUND 2 | 40 Moves in 90 Min. Incr. 30 Sec. / / 30 Min. Incr. 30 Sec.
Sam Sevian (1) vs.
Hans Niemann (0.5)
Levon Aronian (0.5) vs.
Jeffery Xiong (0.5)
Fabiano Caruana (0.5) vs.
Leinier Dominguez (0.5)
Dariusz Swiercz
(0.5) vs. Wesley So (0.5)
Abhimanyu Mishra (0.5) vs.
Andrew Tang (0.5)
Sam Shankland
(0.5) vs. Ray Robson

ROUND 2 | 40 Moves in 90 Min. Incr. 30 Sec. / / 30 Min. Incr. 30 Sec.
Nazi Paikidze (1) vs. Anna Zatonskih (0.5)
Carissa Yip
(0.5) vs. Jennifer Yu (0.5)
Atousa Pourkashiyan
(0.5) vs. Ruiyang Yan (0.5)
Tatev Abrahamyan
(0.5) vs. Alice Lee (0.5)
Thalia Cervantes
(0.5) vs. Irina Krush (0.5)
Ashritha Eswaran
vs. Begim Tokhirjonova (0.5)


  1. Yasser asking the vital, topical theoretical questions of the age, what happens if your opponent plays the big sneeze gambit? Lol. Priceless. Surely Niemann’s star can only continue to rise, love him or hate him he is good for chess; every game needs a charismatic villain and chess has truly found it’s bad boy! The way he turned the game around was stunning!

  2. Spoiler Alert!: The Chess Spoke for Itself.

  3. Improvements I could see being a positive for viewership and view counts

    1. Have your normal stream like you do and still have the snippets you release after you interview the players. But also have chess moments in each game that was pivital in decisive games. Release a 2-5 min clippet of moments where someone blunders or makes a great move.

    2. Show more full screen shots more often. Do not do shots where all three commentarors are seen together where the board is 15% of the screen real estate. A LOT of people watch on their phones.

    3. Not everyone is up to date on scores and who or what is going on in the tournament. Each game where you show names on the board, where on top you see who is playing black and their rating and on the bottom the player playing white; put their live score for the tournament after their rating. Caruana 3666 (1.5). Something along thise lines, yes I know Fabs is not rated 3666. Showing Caruana has 1.5 score for the tournament. Thus people coming into watch at any time is right up to date with where people stand without having to wait for the big screen with all the names etc.

    3. I have tons more ideas but I feel bored types ng this on my phone and my thumbs are tired. Hit me up if you want to speak to someone who genuinely thinks can make your presentation much more attractive to fans.


  4. Magnus needs to play with Niemann again somehow. Chess boxing is most appropriate.

  5. Two glaring omissions in your prologue about Notable Past US Champions:
    Samuel Reshevsky (1911-92) 7 Time Champion (1936, 1938, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1946, 1969(!) and tied for 1st in 1972(!) but lost playoff to Robert Byrne.
    Walter S. Browne (1949-2015) 6 Time Champion (1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1981 and 1983)

  6. Yasser is funny with that sneeze story .

  7. Just curious :anybody knows Alejandro Ramirez case right now??!! Where is he??

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