$2M+ On The Line… | 2023 Airthings Masters Play-In Tournament Kicks Off The Champions Chess Tour!

A record $2 million prize pot will be on offer in the 2023 season of the Champions Chess Tour—making it the richest and most prestigious annual circuit in chess history. The new season kicks off February 3 with the Airthings Masters; the first of six star-studded tournaments with playoffs before an eight-player finals event in December. With the very best players in the world and a $2,000,000 prize fund, the CCT is Chess.com’s most important event to date.

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  1. hikaru with the classic pineapple shirt 😎

  2. someone in live chat said hikaru is americans only hope.. wait til they hear about wesley so

  3. I sure wish the Armageddon games weren't played concurrently.

  4. I wish they would just talk normally… either they’re pretending to be newscasters or they’re screaming like idiots

  5. White is hugely advantaged in every armageddon game.

  6. Danny Rensch blows as a commentator. Also stick to a game guys. You'll get to watch every one play a game. So annoying when you're getting into a position and one of these man baby's has to change to another game cause there adhd meds are wearing off

  7. Love the format (divisions, etc), but it's confusing AF, especially when the commentators don't know what's going on either. Around 6:09:00 they ask who will finish atop Div 3. That's not even a question, since they're only doing one round of match play, and 32 are qualifying for the D3 event that takes place in 3 days (Feb 6). No one is "on top" of D3 today. That'll happen at the main event. Today we're only qualifying for each Div. Also kept saying top 12 from swiss make D1 match play. No they don't. Top 12 make the D1 QUALIFIER match play. Or maybe call it the D1/D2 match play? Calling it D1 is confusing (although I get it now, but had to watch 6 hours lol). Only 6 actually make it to D1. Again, love the format, and I know it's the first run, but it would help if it was clear that there are two stages today to qualify: Swiss top 76, then the 3 groups do 1 round (first to 1.5 pts) of 10+2 match play.

  8. [Edit: never mind, i guess you're "allowed" to play as white with less time lol… my bad]
    Armageddon graphic is wrong. It says "winning bid selects color". No they don't. They get black. I wouldn't even call it a "winning" bid, since it's subjective if you want black or want white. Simply say:
    1. Players bid for time. Lowest bid gets black and starts with the time they bid.
    2. Other player (i.e. higher bid) gets white and 10 minutes.
    3. No bonus time, black draw odds, etc

  9. So let me get this straight (lol). Swiss top 76 get put into 3 groups for the 1 round matchplay: top 12, next 20, final 44 (76 total), to determine who plays in what division for the main event in 3 days. Group of 12: 6 winners join Magnus/Wesley for 8 D1 players. The 6 losers join the 10 winners from the group of 20, to make the 16 D2. The 10 losers from that group join the 22 winners of the group of 44, to make 32 in D3. That means 22 (match play losers in the 44 group) of the top 76 from swiss actually go home (with nothing I guess?). Confusing, but seemingly excellent way to reward strong play from a large pool of players.

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