3-second Speed Chess Tournament [157]

Are you ready for a 3-second speed chess tournament? This time control is pretty much as fast and extreme as it gets for chess. At times it felt like my heart was in my throat. The tournament was created and assigned the name Bray Arena. Time controls, more specifically, are set where each player begins each game with 3 seconds, and when you make a move you gain 1 second. This tournament was played while livestreaming at .



  1. Iiiii'm tooo sloooow tooo folloooooow…

  2. This was really entertaining, not only to see your ability to make the moves so quickly, but to hear you talk your way through the moves to explain the logic behind them. Awesome.

  3. If only you realized that you have 30 seconds to make the first move. Maybe you'd be able to breathe a bit…

  4. WATCH B2

    [Two seconds later drops b2 😑😑😑]

  5. Is it a coincidence that i got a chess ad?

  6. 17:00 "(chuckling) Oh my goodness…it's not healthy…(chuckles)…this time control is UN-healthy. Unhealthy! Not just for your chess, I'm talking just regular health, your…(chuckles)…real life health. (chuckles) Not just chess health…oh my goodness. Wooow. Wooooow. (laughs)." Jerry I do not tire of these antics. I can watch these antics for hours. I DO NOT tire of it. Wow. Wow.

  7. i find that those who are best at chess.. have too much emotion invested. it makes them good but it also hurts the health and enjoyment.

  8. CHESS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!! You play chess soooooo good.
    Thank you for all the video.

  9. Your chess videos and commentary are one of a kind! Love the blitz tournaments!

  10. This video sucked, and if people don't like what I have to say then don't write a respond.

  11. had you not made that blunder at 26:56 you'd complete it perfectly, with no single loss whatsoever. i mean when you lose several times, it's less painful, but when only one single game kills perfection my heart is broken.

  12. Thanks Jerry. I was having a bad day. I watched a couple of your videos and I feel better. Thx

  13. I love how people still resign even though there's only 3 seconds on the clock so they might as well just let it run out of time haha

  14. Poor Hyzer. He got paired up with Jerry so many times in one tournament. ggs

  15. This video cracked me up. “Back to tournament (laughing)”. 😂

  16. Say something else or he just said, “Back to tournament.

  17. 1/20 + 1 (Hyperultrabullet) – when you want to have 1000 average centipawn loss.

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