$4,000,000 Chess Tournament

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  1. never so early— thanks for the clips, levy 🙂
    it’s good to see you improve on ur games

  2. Oh dear… that video will be recommended soon, I just know it. YT algorithm bout to do its job again..

  3. *just regarding the comment about the algorithm not reccomending chess history videos…. Its a legitimate shame. This guy has a gift for retelling those old matches and make it entertaining and accessible. The fact that they don't get enough traction is a bullshit. I want more chess history videos of tal like games where people sacrifice ad nauseum for beautiful chess. And no other commentator I've seen of historical videos have done them justice as gotham has.

  4. Couldn't believe the game ended in a loss. When I saw you down to one second, I was thinking: "How is he going to do this? Will his opponent flag from being up twenty seconds?" Then I realized that's not how Gotham rolls. It's like watching a movie thinking "no way is this going to have a sad ending", and then you see Jake Gyllenhaal's in it, and you should know better.

  5. bro prolly the most sane chess top player

  6. You're improving alot man keep it going

  7. I can fix that problem and you will know it's the right way😊

  8. And reasons and whys and now that your saying this I know I'm right😊

  9. Oh white oh now you say something no no stick to the old you don't change now even if he loses he needs to get taught to we know what this is and there is no way your at this level even if you win for he doesn't know what he is doing😊

  10. We keep throwing around the term “bananas” thing is I like bananas. Can we please get a Gotham wayward queen attack.

  11. Alright now I see he doesn't know how to use it,this is not a proper thought process to open win or lose now your just playing to out play the other and just threw away the opening as of no purpose and you got a lot to learn about chess yeah maybe your all that and doing for fun oh well have fun😊

  12. Yeah your letting him push all the pawns towards your king

  13. Time has nothing to do with what you know😊

  14. Alright I'll give a little credit to white,you did do just one part😊

  15. Levy never fails to inculde Hans Niemann

  16. give us the link to that video about the bananas championship

  17. Oh it just hit me that this might be your thought process ok makes you smarter,stronger but the more i think of it,it isnt going to take you further 😊

  18. Now i want to know why, so you can react to yourself playing in a way of puzzles and proceed in the game in this matter now if by choice or not you still use the thought process of habbit😊

  19. Finding the comment where someone mentioned that at the beginning Levy was trying to talk like ishowspeed… Am I the only one?

  20. I clicked on the video because the title said $4m Chess Tournament. One minute in, Levy is on talking about people on Reddit, the 1978 Chess Championship and Roulette… 😂

  21. Vadim Rosenstein == WR ? Why is Vadim W ?

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