5 Secret Chess Rules

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  1. There's a rule where sometimes if a pawn is next to a pawn, they can still take and move diagonally for one move called "En passant"

  2. Timeout vs insufficient material is kind of a 6th way.

  3. What the hell is a stalemate… I think stalemate is a checkmate only why draw i don't get it

  4. And number 6 when u ran out of time and your opponent only has a king

  5. At number first actually you could just take that officer away.

  6. "What?!! how is he so smart!!?"


  7. Any lose doenst pain as much as a stalemate when you are winning

  8. I think whoever is the stuck one in a stalemate should just loose and the other win.

  9. Here's five chess rule's you did'nt know.>Five seconds later> and here is your favorite

  10. Timeout doesn't result in lose If opponent has insufficient material it's also a draw

  11. whats the difference between the 50 and 75 move rule

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