$50,000 Chess Clash Tournament


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#ludwig #chess #clash


  1. Most the clash players weren’t even that big members in the clash royal community…

  2. I was pretty excited about this event, but it was so poorly executed that it was just painful to watch

  3. like a dozen people not paying attention when they were told to full cam lol

  4. Wild the only exciting part of the CR draft, OJ vs SirTag, wasn't even shown. Whoever was in charge of choosing which game to show should look for a new job

  5. Great job. Anything for charity is always a win.

  6. CHESS CLASH THAT'S SO FUNNY MAN I love clash royale!

  7. Nice event. I see some critique that some people did not enjoy Lud. I think he did a good job trying to add quips andcomic relief. But, an easy change might be to not cut off the others as much, sometimes removing focus from the game

  8. Eric and Ludwig, never thought I see this 🤙🐝🐝🐝

  9. ludwig not knowing what clash royale is, is very surprising to me

  10. All I'm saying is if I was there, it wouldn't have gone down like that.

  11. Although some portion of the events werent beginner friendly and kind of hard to watch, it was still a good event overall. But its a shame how the chat can sometimes be so disrespectful to the people on screen.

  12. Bro look at that fat vein in ludwigs neck, holy shit

  13. Man every week you have something going, thank you for helping me through this tough period of life, i have been bedridden for the past week and been watching your events, live ones and older as well, God bless you man

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