$50,000 Chess Clash Tournament


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  1. if youre a vod watcher, i recommend watching POV's instead of the main stream. i watched OJ and Wirtual (same time, muted if i needed to) and it was incredibly fun to watch

  2. Why is sapnap in this, he is a minecraft youtubert

  3. huge L stream

    rohat is a homophobe, please never invite him to anything ever again

  4. Clash Royale really trying to stay alive after their awful updates

  5. Imagine Mo light and Magnus as a duo 👌 free wins

  6. listening to the commentary was a little frustrating… they don't even know the rules lmao

  7. XRohat the best Streamer in Germany we also call him Rohazee🔥🤝🏼

  8. As an ex CoC player, i can assure you that the devs deleted all fun and entertaining features from the game so nothing would distract you from grinding/donating. This game made for kids and 40-50 years old man with middle age crisis. And it so hilarious to watch how proficient chess players are trying to play this "game" with dead serious faces just because they have to promote this event. And how stupid the marketing team of CoC should be to think that this proromotin would work. Dumber could be only devs who destroyed the few pieces of good content in this game. Anyway thanks, gonna enjoy my time watching streamers humiliate themselves for straight 4 hours

  9. So much clash Royal talk you should make another tournament👀

  10. Is ludwig actually 1200 nowadays i thought he said hes hovered 1000 for years and never tries to improve outside of pogchamps

  11. Dammm I’m sick I missed this stream my work ours got me sick!!! I’ve been playing clash for 7+ years my fav bathroom game

  12. I literally can't even tell what's happening with the Clash games. This just isn't a good game to stream. Bunch of really small units/buildings and unless you know the game it's just so confusing what's happening even with it being explained. Just not a great event, I get it's probably sponsored by the game itself but it's just not really a great fit for this format.

  13. I wish it was only clash royale, everything else ruined it for me and made it quite boring

  14. Wow this was cringe. 3 different games and Ludwig clearly never knew anything that was happening in the clash segments. But hey sponsor money is sponsor money I guess

  15. Most the clash players weren’t even that big members in the clash royal community…

  16. I was pretty excited about this event, but it was so poorly executed that it was just painful to watch

  17. like a dozen people not paying attention when they were told to full cam lol

  18. Wild the only exciting part of the CR draft, OJ vs SirTag, wasn't even shown. Whoever was in charge of choosing which game to show should look for a new job

  19. Great job. Anything for charity is always a win.

  20. CHESS CLASH THAT'S SO FUNNY MAN I love clash royale!

  21. Nice event. I see some critique that some people did not enjoy Lud. I think he did a good job trying to add quips andcomic relief. But, an easy change might be to not cut off the others as much, sometimes removing focus from the game

  22. Eric and Ludwig, never thought I see this 🤙🐝🐝🐝

  23. ludwig not knowing what clash royale is, is very surprising to me

  24. All I'm saying is if I was there, it wouldn't have gone down like that.

  25. Although some portion of the events werent beginner friendly and kind of hard to watch, it was still a good event overall. But its a shame how the chat can sometimes be so disrespectful to the people on screen.

  26. Bro look at that fat vein in ludwigs neck, holy shit

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