5D Chess Tournament by Cet Grand Finals – Lexi vs ComputerSmoke

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  1. At 13:37 could not pawn in the Future take the side-Queen in the present? (literally the same one which the Queen took in the past.)

  2. I only learned the rules of 5d chess yesterday, so this might be wrong … but it seems like the queen move at 20:05 was a mistake. Wouldn't the queen on H5 have put the black king in check in 3 moves, just by staying there instead of moving? Ie, by attacking 3 moves past, 3 squares left, 3 squares up? And the white bishop blocks the only squares the king could escape to, including squares in the past.

  3. This game must be extremely fucking difficult if my guy is struggling on the third move

  4. me, an idiot that understands no board game at all: i understand this

  5. Least confusing game of 5D chess ever played

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