9-Year-Old Boy Defeats A Professional Chess Streamer

Kids these days are really good at chess… Andrea experienced it herself at the London chess shop. Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you have ever lost to an opponent as young as the boy in the video!
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  1. You may ask why this guy won
    Its bc hes a male

  2. Well, if 9 year old would have lost, then it would not make a good video!!

  3. This kinda reminds me of the time when a bunch of teens won against a national womans football team,

    Gotta say, both were real good

  4. 9 year old beating professionel chess "streamer", not "player" …poor poor alexandra oh oh

  5. Is it just me or I find this girl annoying when she is taking IN THE MIDST of the game??

    Like just keep quiet and concentrate for a while dammit

  6. sağ taraftaki abi nasıl oluyorda hep gülmeyi beceriyor?

  7. Sembra che lei giochi per fare divertire il ragazzino…se e’ cosi’…dai..fatto bene..fallo divertire

  8. I wish the kid would stop looking over at his dad for help like at 3:41

  9. Who is the female player? She is breathtakingly gorgeous.

  10. holy well tbh the girl could have been going easy on him but we would never know. I'm not good anymore but i used to be really good, probably 20% worse than my grand master teacher

  11. he won after she said "if you win i'll pop a tit"

  12. I love how the kid was beaming about 5 moves from checkmate because he knew he was gonna win.
    Talent tends to show up early in life.

  13. My brother is nine years old and he can beat SS 1 in chess

  14. they look adorable but then can beat many chess men and women in a round/wow

  15. The 9 year old capitalized on her arrogance. She tried to remind him how young and how small he was the entire game. She belittled him, but he stayed quiet and smiled, knowing he had her.

  16. The plot twist is he wasn't really in check mate

  17. I mean it's not that big an accomplishment. Andrea is only a "professional streamer" because of her looks, not her skill. If she had to rely on skill alone for her fame she would have like 10 subscribers lol.

  18. Look that girl is talking more than all these men !! Just be quiet for a minute blyat 😁

  19. I love your game of chess and being a resource for various young people♟️♟️♟️💐💐🌹🌹🌹💐💐

  20. Fun fact: Andrew Tate is a chess CHAMPION at only 5 years old, so I think this 9 years old kid will soon become a TOP G and a genius successful alpha man.

  21. Serves her right for being such a cocky rat at the start. Hope she got humbled hard

  22. It's not because it could be a man or a woman and she didn't loose all the black ones. But she may have had a mini stroke throughout the whole game competing with a 9-year-old as a professional especially a professional who's 24 or probably 25-years-old which would not surprise me for a brain fully developed her age. If she wondered why and went to the doctors to find out the results turned out positive, what a shock that would probably be. If so, she'd have to reattempt with a 9-year-old, the same competitor for maybe a successful win and if it turns out true to be defeated the second time by a 9-year-old of the same competitor without a mini stroke, then the kid's a genius. I'm a witness to say that people have had a mini stroke in whatever time of the day and I don't mean to be sexist but it's part of life.

  23. That guy to his friend : " put some cotton in your ears too "

  24. "….a professional chess streamer." Just goes to show that could be anybody. That girl can't be that good she completely overlooked when he forked her queen w/ his knight. I'm no chess master, and that's the first thing I saw the second he made that move i
    (that she needed to either take w/ her rook, or move her queen). But….he looks like an awesome kid w/ a bright future nonetheless. Not even distracted by a gorgeous 20 year old. Good job kid

  25. Dude on the left has major social anxiety

  26. you shoudn?t talk while playing chess you know?you think those child have an idiot move?nah……….

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