9-Year-Old Boy Defeats A Professional Chess Streamer

Kids these days are really good at chess… Andrea experienced it herself at the London chess shop. Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you have ever lost to an opponent as young as the boy in the video!
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  1. She kept yapping and making excuses while the kid was focused on the game I dunno much about chess but he is very smart and talented and he was fair and square

  2. It was easy, chess is an intellectual game, engraving those who have brains. Why don't women and men in chess compete together? He needs a brain. Say I'm wrong and prove it.

  3. Maybe she would have had a better chance if she stopped talking and playing around with chess pieces and took it serious?

  4. she talks too much and use phoen too much too. she doesn't respect the game and the child

  5. Many thanks for the kid for proving gender equality. I mean the equality between infants and females 😂

  6. That kid looked sus like he could hear something in his ear I think he was cheating tbh

  7. I like the part where she shut up and realized it’s getting serious

  8. My unmatched perspicacity, coupled with sheer indefatigability, makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.

  9. I love how the kid was smiling so much, he knew he was gonna win 😀

  10. He got potential motivation at beginning
    On the other hand(haha motivation pun..) she might have let him win

  11. а не плохо. малой шарит в раш

  12. Do you see what is permissible to degrade the daughter of a symbolic palace and lower your gaze, may God give you peace, and watch the songs, it is forbidden, may God guide you

  13. All these prompt request to want money from viewers.

  14. Professional? Lol
    Beaten by someone, whos mum makes his bed for him

  15. I love how the kid has to get out of his seat to reach the pieces to move

  16. Streamers use AI to make moves .. so much talk and she lost to a 9 yr old

  17. Maybe if she talked less and concentrated more

  18. I love how to streamer is talking the entire time while the 9 year old is silent

  19. He is probably like me as a kid like…"this lady is soooooo beautiful 🤩 "

  20. The game was serious soon after 4:23 and then she stopped talking and showing off but it was too late as the little guy was brutal and she was late realising his potential. Moral of the story don't take you opponent for granted however small they seem outwardly.

  21. I love the silence at the end of the game

  22. Imma be honest, you can tell she is not takin him seriously, though

  23. A lot of people aren’t mentioning this but a good player knows from the first moves how good their opponent is and she realized this and was using psychological warfare to try to take advantage of this kids age. At one point she says don’t be nervous to go in an attempt to rush him. Right from the jump she knows this is a different kind of player so she talks the whole time acting nonchalant trying to take away from her inevitable defeat.

  24. did botez gambit originate from these guys? just asking

  25. He's better than her by leagues. Haha! What a fun video. The dad was trying hard not to spoil this obvious result. Well done boyyo!!

  26. Of course she lost, he's a male she's a female

  27. This streaming chess champion looses a lot !??

  28. The dad or guy in the background is helping with coughs.

  29. He looks to his right and doesn’t let go until he locks eyes and hears a cough

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