Airthings Masters Day 2 ft. Carlsen, Nakamura & So | Leko & Gustafsson

Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura & Wesley So star in the Airthings Masters, the 1st event on the $2 million 2023 Champions Chess Tour, with commentary by Grandmasters Peter Leko and Jan Gustafsson. Watch the games: Div 1 Winners:
Div 2 Winners:
Div 3 Winners:
Div 1 Losers:
Div 2 Losers:
Div 3 Losers:

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  1. Leko: Black goes Qe7, Nf5 and so on. Enjoys life. Jan: (about Sarana) Not sure he's enjoying life, but he … eliminates the great Alireza Firouzja

  2. Wait you guys covered all games in the round simultaneously? I thought that was illegal!!

  3. You guys should change it from "Losers bracket" to "Lower Bracket." Its not nice to call them losers when they haven't lost yet. It's more professional to have it be the lower bracket.

  4. Sticking with the theme of renaming the Losers bracket by only changing the third letter , ponder these choices: The Loners bracket or The Lovers bracket. 😊

  5. Is there anything better than Jan perfectly knowing how to tickle Leko, touching the great subjects of wrestling, Jean Claude etc. its the best part of the stream. Leko is such a Legend

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