Airthings Masters Day 4 ft. Nakamura, So & Arjun | Leko & Gustafsson

Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura & Wesley So star in the Airthings Masters, the 1st event on the $2 million 2023 Champions Chess Tour, with commentary by Grandmasters Peter Leko and Jan Gustafsson. Watch the games: Div 1 Winners:
Div 2 Winners:
Div 3 Winners:
Div 1 Losers:
Div 2 Losers:
Div 3 Losers:

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  1. 2:07:44 Why can't boards, pictures and names change in sync? Now we have the names backwards with the pictures – what are we supposed to make of that? So many sloppy, careless mistakes….

  2. I am a Wesley So fan but I am really disappointed when he played Nakamura for the right to play Carlsen, he really doesn’t want to win that match because he has a flight to Germany for his next tournament and he doesn’t want to cancel the flight.

  3. If you'd ask me this double-elimination system is nothing for chess! Unlike round robin you lose the overview who is still in and who was eliminated. 3 Divisions makes this even worse! This system has (IMHO) no future at all (a typical US system, that doesn't work at chess)! 😛

    And who promised us "each game will be interesting – no dull draws possible"? Look at Naka 14 draws in a row – qualified for the grand final vs Magnus! Is this what was promised? 🤔

  4. Imagine being 2-0 against someone and never winning a game against them. The naka way

  5. Hate to pile on the criticism when I really appreciate the effort, but this system is ridiculous. The champions chess tour was so enjoyable, at least from a viewer perspective.

  6. hikaru loooks alot like wesley so lol and vise versa iether that or the names are mixed up derpy

  7. The format of this whole tournament is a disaster. Overly complicated and too many incentives to draw. It needs to be scrapped and rethought entirely.

  8. 53:53 "Prey is very good", Gustafsson says. Lol prey is a bomb, and deserveldly so. Talk about what you know, Gustafsson. Red thumb.

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