Airthings Masters Grand Final ft. Magnus Carlsen & Hikaru Nakamura | Leko & Gustafsson

Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura contest the Grand Final of the Airthings Masters, the 1st event on the $2 million 2023 Champions Chess Tour, with commentary by Grandmasters Peter Leko and Jan Gustafsson. Watch the games: Div 1 Winners:
Div 2 Winners:

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  1. Whoever is in charge of this production, you must listen to the artists. Let GM Leko decide whether there is an eval bar or not. Otherwise, it's like touching someone inappropriately and paying them off not to say me too. The man just wants to discuss the chess he sees.

  2. Dear Peto and Jan, you two are my top favorite male commentators and I have to agree with folks here. The computer line ruins the fun, still great, but I find your comment more insightful without AI's aide

  3. Dear Leko & Gustafson.

    Thank you for commentating and analysing positions. However, I often get confused down the line when there's so much analysing going on and we don't get to see the actual present positions played.

    Please do consider to show a live board even during your guys' analysis. I'm sure there are other spectators and viewers who would appreciate that as well.

    Kind regards,

  4. Dear Leko and Gustafsson
    Thank you for a nice and interesting broadcast.
    I wanted to give a piece of contructive feedback.
    I find your commenting much more entertaining when you do not have access to computer lines and only rely on your undeniably great instincts.
    Also, when you don't have the computer lines I somehow as a spectator appreciate the good moves more, rather than it being a question of whether the players find the 1. computer line.

    I'm looking forward to watching more turnaments.
    Cheers Markus, Denmark

  5. Hikaru beats the hell out of magnus next time

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