Alireza v Nodirbek, Anish v Gukesh & Ding v Pragg Battle For Bragging Rights! Tata Steel 2024 Rd 4

World Chess Champion Ding Liren returns for the Tata Steel Masters in Wijk aan Zee, the first super tournament of 2024! Women’s World Champion Ju Wenjun also plays, alongside the likes of Giri, Nepomniachtchi, Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa. Watch live—Masters:

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  1. 4:28:00 Donchenko keeps making moves Stockfish 14 calls inferior, then changes its mind after they're played.

  2. If Fabi's not going to play, he could at least commentate. Ditto, Mr. Howell 😮😊

  3. Naroditsky drinking that megapint that Heard was talking about

  4. Who ever won the world championship ofclassical chesswill have to carry that heavy weight of not reaalybeing the best as Magnus Carlsen is still the best chess player in the world at classical chess until someone beats him in a match….Ding Liren now has to carry that weight .

  5. Naroditsky is just so unpleasant to listen to. Mostly the tone of his voice.
    Any other commentator would be way better. Moving over to the Indian guy covering Indian players only 😅

  6. Great commentary! All these players are so great can't choose just one to support!

  7. 1 in 712 for 10 or 11 of 11 decisive games to be won by black, assuming 3/7 of decisive games are won by black.

  8. World champion 😂😂😂😂

    As I said then, and will say again…..Ding is 2nd tier World champ, who became Champion coz of circumstances rather than chess brilliance…. Period!!💀🤡👎🏻

  9. Only Carlsen can beat pragnahanda. The real world champion is Maqnus, do describe if Carlsen played here, Carlsen would win every game again no matter whether Pragnahanda, Dinq, Anish

  10. Idk what problem do u have with Ding. He's just an incredible chess player who has lost one game after months without competing due to mental issues. If you don't consider him the WC blame Magnus, not Ding😂

  11. Day 194 of demanding more Peter Leko 🙁

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