Alireza vs. Wesley | Can Firouzja Beat the Unbeatable? | Speed Chess Championship QF | !coinbase

20-year-old Alireza Firouzja takes on 3-time US Champion Wesley So for a spot in the 2023 Speed Chess Championship semifinals. Watch the games:

The 16-player field for the strongest online speed chess event also features Hikaru Nakamura, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana. All the details:

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  1. These matches would be more attractive with Alireza! Now we have to follow a series of regular games!

  2. These commentators are so biased to Wesley

  3. fun fact: the biggest comeback in the history of SCC was 4 points, this would have been a new record if alireza could clutch the win.

  4. Got to love Wesley So's honest and down-to-earth comments.
    "My personality is not like Hikaru's" – exactly: Wesley is humble and classy. 😄

  5. Firouzja vibing to the podcast address of Mitch McConnell to the state of Kentucky. I don't judge.

  6. Wow! What an epic finish! A see-saw battle! Amazingly, a come-from-behind win by the great Wesley So! Very deserving! Best of luck at the Semis 👍

  7. Hans beat Alireza a few days ago. They played over 20 blitz games. Alireza is now 20 years old. I guess it's safe to say after all these years that he's just another Wei Yi.

  8. This was a disappointing match for Firouzja. He started poorly and couldn't maintain a lead where he has an advantage. It's impressive that he was able to bounce back so strongly, but I think he's weaker than he used to be because of how much time he spends on things other than chess.

  9. The one comment that's visible is always a spoiler for the result :/

  10. Alireza is spending too much time on fashion and not enough on chess. Barely scraped by Andreikin, and now he’s out. He’d blundering his natural talent, I wonder if the Gucci shirts are worth it 🤦🏼‍♂️

  11. Easily one of the epic matches! What a treat to watch. Good job to both competitors!

  12. watch the commenters it's not good they need to calm down

  13. Firouzja is so overrated… since his tragic performance in last year's candidates has just been a shadow.

  14. That was a thrilling match my eyes didn't blink just to see the moves who win

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