Anish Giri Post Round 2 Interview | Tata Steel Chess Tournament

Anish Giri takes down Gukesh after a sensational double sacrifice! Watch his post round interview.

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. Good video keep them coming. You should use a service such as S M Z E U S!

  2. Hey please add an link to the game here in the video description

  3. Anish winning gives me so much satisfaction. Really wish he wins next candidates. 😊


    Phenomenal win for Anish. Also: even by superGM standards, Anish always seems to recall and relay lines in his mind so effortlessly. He doesn't even have to look at the ceiling or nothing. Maybe just because it's in his notes & prep for a while now — but still he makes it seem so effortless.

  5. Is it fair to say then that the position spoke for itself?

  6. Suggestion: Maybe you guys could edit diagrams to these interviews? Would be so easier to follow the analysis!

  7. I sacrificed… THE ROOOOOOOK!
    Anish is a true follower of GothamChess ^_^ LOL

  8. Anish walks into top 5 with this win. He is so underappreciated by Chess Fans.

  9. Hahaha love that he went with the gotham sac meme

  10. "First I sacrificed the nightttt, then the ROOOOOOOOOOOOOK".

    I love Levy's (gotham chess) comminatory becoming chess lingo


  12. Me:knight sac,rook sac,what? Giri: still theory

  13. THE ROOOK has become a meme . Thanks Gotham chess

  14. “In my defense…” when the interviewer said Short compared his play to Tal’s 😂
    Giri is too brilliant.

  15. it would have been nice if Hans Niemann could also have taken part – but what can we expect from TATA ….
    by the way – Giri played wonderfully

  16. THE ROOOOOK has taken all over the Internet now…love it

    Epic game and such an amazing interview!

  18. If you guys have any extra time out of your day I would really appreciate it if you could stop by and check out my latest video and leave any feedback you may have, thank you! And dope video bro keep up the good work!!

  19. He 100% wanted to scream THE KNIIIIGHT and THE ROOOOOOOOOOK but the gentleman in him kicked in first.

  20. Really hope anish wins this tournament!! He deserves it the most! Yes nodirbek has been amazing as well but feels a little like luck has played a role for his games as well like playing magnus after his loss against anish where he decided to play more riskier and lost and also against arjun where arjun was pushing but uncharacteristically fumbled and ended up totally lost (but definitely great conversion by nodirbek once it went wrong for arjun) and ofc the game against vincent was a massive save as well goes without saying vincent got such a great opportunity but didn't convert in the end. Whereas anish not only has he played to a great standard overall, hes also not had to rely on luck (like how things went to draw with arjun when anish had a great position) and his wins have been soo convincing. Really hope anish wins against his encounter with nodirbek!!

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