AniTube Chess Tournament Arc OP (Spoilers)

After watching the finals for the Anitube Chess Tournament, I got inspired to make an anime OP for it. I edited it all in one sitting, and I am very happy with how it turned out.
Hoping for a season 2

Period (FMAB OP 4) cover – ROMI

Muv Luv OST 03


  1. Lol , there would be no need for a spoiler warning if you just left out the random message at the end of the opening

  2. the best anime ever.I enjoyed it.10/10

  3. Not gonna lie, I actually enjoyed this. Also since I didn't watch the other chess tournaments, I was surprised to know Gigguk won

  4. This reminds me of the jojo intros. Filled with spoilers

  5. Dude I lost it at the food poisoning part.
    Great OP!

  6. Dammit they nailed the op cliches perfectly

  7. It would be amazing if they use this as the OP for the Trash Taste epsiode for the Tournament Arc

  8. Tweet it to Joey, Garnt and Cornor…this has to be a TT intro/outro

  9. Joey actually saw this he said it in his stream. Good job dude. He said it was good

  10. Ironic that you chose a song from the only anime Gigguk infamously has yet to watch 🤣

  11. When Connor played Bishop B4 in one of those games against Garnt I almost punched my monitor

  12. in true Villain way CDawg was a badass and unbeatable only for the protagonist to defeat him in finals

  13. Thanks to the YouTube algorithm, I can enjoy this opening too. The Tournament Arc was hype, this OP really fits. Also, is that a motherfucking Muv-Luv OST? I still have to read Photonmelodies.

  14. Great job with this! That part where the queen piece followed Joey around but he didn't realise it killed me. It's so funny in hindsight but so frustrating when it was happening in-game. And Eyepatch's hot anime takes while he was scrambling to get his king away from Connor.😂 Ahh, that tournament arc was definitely fun to watch.

  15. Damn I love this op and anime i can't wait for season 2

  16. The character developement on this arc was insane, can't wait for season 2

  17. We are all NPC's in "Connor's Bizzare Adventures"

  18. connor is that one bad guy who is unbeateble but the creator was like ight we doing the Underdogs rute

  19. Damn who wouldve thought that gigooggamesunitedkingdomarizona would be the protagonist

  20. Damn the attention to detail in this vid was amazing

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