Armageddon With Magnus

Hikaru played a best of four game match with Magnus Carlsen today for the Winner’s Final of the Airthings Masters Champions Chess Tour on February 8, 2023. This is Hikaru’s recap…

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  1. Yo Hikaru, i didnt watch you for a long time and i just noticed that youre room was completely different than before. Keep up the good content❤

  2. Hahahaha! I just cannot stop being amazed by the absolutely savagery showed by Magnus when he bid 8.58 and won! Like the teens say, what a chad!

  3. Hikaru, you are a true proffessional streamer and an amazing player.

  4. How did you do?
    I won!
    That's awesome how many games did you win?
    None of course, that's how world champions are born.

  5. 9:26 “but again, I’m not a computer.” I don’t believe you. Especially when there’s like 50 arrows drawn on the board.

  6. Chess is all about the classic right triangle 😉

  7. I love both of them, that being said I feel like Hikaru was a little bit worse in this certain match.

  8. idk the armageddon system sounds pretty fucking stupid in all honesty

  9. The reason Hikaru is one of the greats is of course because of his strength in using logic, analytics, and strong tactics, but he’ll also say things like “but this didn’t feel right” – he has incredible instincts and trusts his gut, which is right the cast majority of the time. That can’t be taught. This man was destined for chess.

  10. you said it perfectly: for a retired chess player and no 1 chess streamer to perform at this highest level is the most important aspect. chapeaux! great job! finger crossed for today!

  11. Please recap your other games with Magnus too! Those were some pretty sick defences, would like to hear your analysis and thought process.

  12. As a norwegian and from neighbour city of Magnus, I subscribe you, and not Magnus. Why? You have the best chess channel for new learners. Tnx.

  13. Every gm would choose black anyday given I guess

  14. Best defender on the planet ! Take A Bow ladies and gentlemen , Hikaru Nakamura 👑

  15. It's funny how Hikaru is saying at the end of the video that he was very happy about his play etc. and then Magnus in interview says that they both played really bad and for sure not on their level XD

  16. The grind on the board at this stage of the competition looks brutal. It's amazing to see how you're able to calmly, objectively and professionally face the outcome of the games so soon after wrapping up. Hope you find the good moves today!

  17. I don't understand this "Grand Final" thing. I mean Magnus won the division 1, so why does he have to win against Losers bracket winner again?

  18. Draws are stupid and should be taken out of chess.

  19. يعني بالاخير خسرت !!
    يا اخي متى تفوز على كارلسن !!!!


  21. In the first actual opening move of the match, Magnus bids 1 second below Hikaru, maybe his best chess move ever.

  22. Hikaru, the chess world would be much different without you. I accept Magnus is on top but he is on top because other guys like you loves chess and that's the point.

  23. Do you enjoy making content or is it just mainly chess you enjoy? Just curious because you’re unreal at making content ngl

  24. who can hate this guy? so entertaining. all love for chess. i hope you find your queen.

  25. Its crazy how Hikaru is one the best chess players in the world giving the world champ a run for his money and a YouTuber

  26. Honestly, I think Hikaru played like crap all games against Magnus. Way too conservative and afraid. Same goes for Magnus. I love seeing those 2 play, it's always a great battle but this time they both played poorly.

  27. i think this streamer guy is getting pretty good

  28. Is that a mattress leaning against the wall? 😂

  29. bro magnus is actually an anime protagonist with all the mind games he playin rn

  30. I just recently got back into chess after a couple of years off. And that was only thanks to you Hikaru. Thanks for the amazing content und much love from Germany

  31. GGs! This match really was the clashing of the superpowers…

  32. Conspiracy theory: Magnus is actually Anya

  33. The fact that a Twitch streamer stood toe-to-toe with the world chess champion gives hope to the rest of us 🥲
    Truly, the greatest chess bromance of all time.
    All jokes aside though, good luck against Wesley, Hikaru!

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