Armageddon With Magnus

Hikaru played a best of four game match with Magnus Carlsen today for the Winner’s Final of the Airthings Masters Champions Chess Tour on February 8, 2023. This is Hikaru’s recap…

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  1. BEFORE even match starts you look scared of Magnus. Be brave and attack him

  2. GO HIKARU! Bet them! You shall win in the end!

  3. For about 40 years ago. You will never have access to all information about top 100 players in world. Today you will have all access information about what top 100 chess players in world are doing and you can watch them livestream all time. What a wonderfull world to live in in year 2023. Nakamura is an amazing chess player and should be World Chess champion one day. You can do it Nakamura. Never give up dude!

  4. Magnus just a little better always. Magnus should've won first 2 games also just missed an easy opportunity.

  5. don't forget to hit that like button to give Hikaru hidden power in the matches tomorrow 😉

  6. Magnus' bid was still more impressive than the match

  7. Best part is Hikaru didn't even lose. What a Great match

  8. I am interested where the bidding will end and balance itself out. 7 Minutes?

  9. Why you look like asian?(just a question)

  10. Hikaru do you happen to play chess?

  11. Good luck Hikaru you are a wonderful player

  12. it feels so weird to watch hikaru go from reddit reacts to playing the world champion(i think thats what magnus is??) goodluck for your match tmr hikaru we believe in you!

  13. "i dont have to win, we both just have to draw"

  14. "i dont have to win, we both just have to draw"

  15. the fact is you play very very will ageanst magnus you do it very will keep going bro❤

  16. Magnus just outbidding 1sec. Outplayed even before the game started.

  17. Magnus not only outbid you. He also out trolled you by bidding 1 sec less.🤣🤣

  18. Anyway Magnus didn’t actually win Hikaru , he just win by the cunning time bid, next time Hikaru please bid 57s, so disappointing

  19. you should do more of videos like this was very educational 🙂

  20. i literally had a dream on this game and wherever ur sitting rn i literally remember it it happened like 2 months agow

  21. said it on the last video i'll say it again, this man is so welcoming everytime while other chess youtubers are a little confusing sometimes

  22. I stopped watching hikaru for 2 years and now he talks like this ??

  23. If this was a random online game at speed run I am pretty sure Hikaru would have win with same setup. But enemy named Magnus, you know what he is capable of, and bid for black pieces had gave some psychological advantage to Magnus.

  24. Today's Armageddon had the craziest bid ever.

  25. "I hope Magnus mouse slips." Really such victory would satisfy You?

  26. The audio quality in this video is great!

  27. black has the wide peepos LMAO thats the first time i heard that one

  28. Magnus literally read your soul brother, 1 second lower than your bid is ridiculous. Good luck, hope to see you two in the finals!

  29. There where some comments about ur mattress and clutter on norweigan tv2 from viewers. The tiger from mattress

  30. At 18:20, if the white pawn is taken on e5, surely black would then win (rather than a draw), as black would still have its pawn to push into a queen?

  31. great game Naka, draw = win for black is a HUGE advantage for the Scandi.

  32. he outplayed you in all 4 games but didnt find winning move

  33. Love how Hikaru skims over the fact that he got out bid by 1 second. Likely on of the crazy things to every happen in a Armageddon

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