Aurora Public Library hosts chess tournament

The Denver Chess Club has been around since 1859.


  1. You need to force more black people to participate or it'll have to be shut down

  2. Are people of color represented? Or transgender‘s and every other thing represented? There must be a race issue in here somewhere we know how the media loves separating us in the categories and making us think we hate each other. Are there women of color there’s a good one not just women but women of color, the top of the oppression hierarchy. The winner of the oppression Olympics, the one whose voice is most important, the woman of color much like Kamala Harris. She can’t possibly be incompetent or bad at her job. Oh no, it can only be that you are racist and or sexist because she is a woman of color and we all know they can do no wrong, next victim story at 10 tune in all of this brought to you by Pfizer. And Moderna

  3. Yeah take your kids to the public library where all the illegals with all kinds of diseases are hanging out. Real smart.

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