B. Chess Tournament | Educational Codeforces Round 113 | Solution with Explanation | C++ Code

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00:00 Problem Statement
03:30 Logic+Explanation
14:47 Code Explanation


  1. Amazing content!!! Thanks for the solution.

  2. You have said that 'x==1' is of no use. Dude, if it would be not present in the code, the values would be overwritten continuously. I have checked that. You should atleast know the logic of your own code.

  3. thank you abhinav , you dont know it but you are helping me a lot with these videos.

  4. according to your logic, mera ek test case galat ho gaya… 11222
    according to your logic, the output is:
    X – + +

    + X = =

    – = X +

    – = – X

    u can see in the last row, there should be one '+' but its not there.

    EDIT: the above test case failed without using the x==1 part which u told to ignore. After using that x==1 part, the code is correct.

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