BACK TO TOURNAMENT CHESS | Round 1 | Cracow International Chess

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  1. Good job, ladies! And excellent time management.

  2. After the 22-24 move castlyng is on the menu….

  3. Ha ha ha for me Kelce and Zakopane sounds like middle of nowhere

  4. My snacks is java banana with peanut butter .my loading carbo😊!!

  5. Anyone know their current ratings going into this tournament? That includes the points from the tournament a few weeks ago

  6. Great start! Alex plays what GM Hammer proclaim as “flawless” game while “Sneaky” Andrea attacks Black’s King in mutual time trouble. Double rounds tomorrow with both playing Black.

  7. andy blew it when she didnt go Qg2 it was over after that

  8. Best introduction sequence – absolutely the best. Very funny, entertaining, and captures the personalities of these incredible sisters. I didn't have time to watch all the chess but GM Hammer is awesome too.

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