Ballarat Begonia Chess Tournament 50 Years – 1967 to 2016 | Ballarat Chess Club

Ballarat Chess Club hosted The 50th Begonia Open
12 – 14 March 2016 – a Class 5 Grand Prix Event

Over 150 players descended upon Ballarat Clarendon College to compete in the 50th Ballarat Begonia Open for the coveted Kevin J. Perrin Trophy. Top players vied for points to go up the field to compete against GM Short, GM Illingworth and 2015 Open winner, IM Izzat. Midfield players could be seen checking the rating groups to see how many points they needed to secure one of the generous rating group prizes and special prizes. There was a constant stream of people moving between the playing arena and the Commentary Room manned by GM Ian Rogers. Younger players competed in the Chess Kids tourney and got a taste of what it will be like for them to compete in Australia’s premier regional tournament.

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  1. Excellent production! Thank you Ballarat!

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