Battle of Chess Giants: Magnus v Nodirbek & Levon v Fabiano! Freestyle GOAT Chall. 2024 SF G1 pt II

The $200,000 Freestyle Chess G.O.A.T. Challenge is an over-the-board Chess960 tournament featuring Carlsen, Ding, Firouzja, Caruana, Gukesh, Aronian, Abdusattorov & Keymer. It starts with a rapid event to decide pairings for the classical knockout tournament, with all games played at the Weissenhaus Private Nature Luxury Resort in Germany. Watch:

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  1. It is strange that you think you can figure out that Fabi will over-press but Hikaru and Gukesh are incapable of understanding that and will be happy to draw their game. Also, the game for Fabi to over-press is 13. Fabi has better chances vs eliminated Pragg with black than he does of winning on demand vs Nepo with white.

  2. Great presentation overall but there's some small areas for improvement. The confession booth should have a way for people to explain their moves on the board, ideally with something like for example a lichess analysis board of the game and obs studio setup which already has the game captured into it via DGT board or something. If they walk in and there's just the camera it's hard for people to follow, many of the audience can't play blind chess so we can't follow at their level without the visual.

  3. It's not easy to comprehend these 'confessionals' if we don't have the latest position in front of us. In many cases we haven't even seen the latest.Another suggestion if you really want quality in your coverage. We need good balanced audio, good lighting and good a camera angle on the pre-game player conferences. Instead, it's usually invisible and inaudible, and is cut awkwardly back to the commentators who don't have a good view or idea what's going on either.

  4. People quick to say traditional Chess will be replaced by this Random don’t see that happening Traditional Chess to me is more entertaining and just a way Stronger Version than this random

  5. 1:45 If lichess is behind these analysis boards, they've had a long-standing bug which cancels some castling rights at random when you set up a 960 board – it shows them all allowed in Board Editor until you make a study of the position (when you can no longer tell if you have them until you need them…). Workaround hint: right after beginning an analysis of the position by pressing the 'Study' button, immediately hit Back (to previous page, on the web browser), correct the treacherously vanished castling rights, then hit 'Study' again.

    I told lichess of this bug nearly a year ago; I've retold them again recently, along with a piece of my mind….

  6. the Chess rating system is rigged, someone like DING rated @ 2800+ is actually a ~1700 player, he just memorize till move 40, and have some ending theories, i hope the chess rating system is reconsidered because it does not represent the real player strength.

  7. There is only one Lord Of The Puzzles and Levon is having fun

  8. It would be nice if there was another camera with a better angle on the big position monitor. Magnus was doing great analysis but was standing right in front of the screen and we can't see what he's describing.

  9. excellent to hear that fischer random will be played more often on highest level. i hope with the real classic time format of 2,5 hours for the first 40 moves.

  10. Looks for me like normal chess is dead
    So much more fight and struggle in this here

  11. The biggest difference between regular, traditional chess and Chess960 is that with the latter you're completely out of script and on your own…with no memorized safety net or life raft to save you from drowning! Maybe that's why they also call it "freestyle" chess, because when you're thrown into the deep ocean and forced to swim…or sink…you must rely on your best "stroke" in order to survive…which will almost always the most basic and straightforward "freestyle" stroke, a/k/a…the "crawl". LOL!!!

  12. Ding regrets joining this tournament as it exposes his nakedness without chess theory.

  13. In general, Magnus has already psychologically damaged 3 top players; Naka, Wesley and Nordirbek.

  14. Magnus is simply too good for the competition

  15. Levon defeats Fabiano Gukesh loses to Vincent Magnus wins vs Nordibek Alireza defeats Ding

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