Beth Harmon’s Final Chess Game | The Queen’s Gambit – Full Scene

And the student becomes the master. Watch the nail-biting final scene and chess match of The Queen’s Gambit, starring the inimitable Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon. Warning: Spoilers!

When winning takes everything, what are you left with? It’s the show everyone’s obsessed with: The Queen’s Gambit follows a young chess prodigy’s rise from an orphanage to the world stage. But genius comes with a cost. A riveting adaptation of Walter Tevis’ groundbreaking novel is streaming on Netflix now, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Harry Melling and Marcin Dorociński.


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Beth’s Harmon’s Final Chess Game | The Queen’s Gambit – Full Scene

In a 1950s orphanage, a young girl reveals an astonishing talent for chess and begins an unlikely journey to stardom while grappling with addiction.


  1. говно лживое

  2. How come she never had a southern accent?

    She’s from Kentucky yet still has he same New York accent she has in Peaky Blinders..

  3. She's dressed like the white queen. She's giving back like Mr. Shiable did. She realized she owed everything to him and was throwing it away in the episode before. Had some help from Joliene as well. Last two episodes are great

  4. This is by far, byyyyy far my favorite show of all time!! I don't care about Sopranos, Lost or Breaking Bad. This was absolutely spectacular series!!!

  5. I love how her attire in the end represents a queen chess piece. Cool little hidden detail.

  6. listening to chess on a radio… damn, thats a whole new level of boredom.

  7. Some have commented that after winning, Ms. Harmon just asks to get out of the car at the park and runs into the group of elderly Russians, but a couple days earlier when she was arriving at her initial chess engagement, she sees the older men gathering to play in the park. There are echoes of her earlier mentorship in Mr. Scheibel (sp?)–the playing of chess for the love of the game.

  8. 1960's/70's tournament chess, for players caught up in the Fischer boom, was intoxicating, Fischer is not mentioned in "The Queen's Gambit", Perhaps the heroine is supposed to be an idealized Bobby Fischer — that is, rational and primarily playing for love of the game. No director can capture the excitement of sitting at the board, not moving, staring, frozen for 10, 15 minutes, then making a series of moves in 15 seconds as the minute hand pushes the red flag up.

  9. Love this scene. Immediately wanted to play when it ended

  10. What an amazing show! Breaking bad is my number one. But i think this miniseries is just so powerfull because of Anna. The acting is incredible.

    I'm just obsessed now. Cant say more. 😂

  11. I agree with Andrew Tate that this TV series was simply a fantasy to promote female "empowerment." He states the highest global ranking that a female chess player has attained is No. 50. He's wrong – the strongest female chess player of all time is Judit Polgár (born 23 July 1976), a Hungarian chess grandmaster who was ranked #2,735 in 2005.

    In short, there is no correlation in this series to the real world, even though feminists insist that women can do anything men can, especially intellectually. Well, not in chess they can't. This was a well-produced propaganda piece.

  12. She really splayed her poussé on the middle of that board and started squiting..what an absolute KWEEN!

  13. I can't believe she's the CV actress for Princess Peach For the Super Mario Bros. Movie!

  14. the kind and respectful ruzzian has been replaced buy the brutish bully that they truly are….never to be respected again on the world's stage by any nation.

  15. I loved all of this show but the amount of joy and respect delivered here from the Russians (including the grandmaster) always makes me well up.

  16. Every once in a while, Netflix gets it right.

  17. I liked this contrast of Americans – telling her to go and christianize Soviets, warning her of any contact with Russians etc – and Russian players who showed respect, humbleness in the eyes of defeat, and actually treated her as an equal player, analyzing her games and working together (just as she was!) to defeat her. Last epi shows the contrast in perceived humanity – which was further emphasized by the last scene, when she is treated as a Pawn by her own government with invitation by POTUS – and as a Queen by Russian park grandpas, who invite her to a simple game of chess.

  18. This movie was based on the real life of Judith Pulgar. She is an absolute gem of a player, and a person.

  19. I really like the fact that this scene well illustrates the fact that if you are really, intensely passionate about the game of chess, you have a high probability of ending up old and poor.

  20. I love how Borgov seems proud of Beth here. Not just because he loose against a great player but also because this time, Beth is at her best. The first time they met, she was a young girl, brilliant but not prepared to confront him and the second time, she was tired, exausted because of the night she spend to drink with Cleo. Here she is sobber, in peace with herself. He's proud because this time the game was loyal for both of them.

  21. Next they're gonna change them pieces to Trans pawn, queen,king

  22. It's sad that this was basically about Bobby Fischer.

  23. Not only they had a good storyline, actors, n music , the outfits are all georgeous

  24. If this was an anime. They’d draw out this game over like 5 episodes. And then it’d turn into a shadow game

  25. This game is based on Bobby Fischer- Boris Spaasky. Spaasky even applauded after Fischer won too

  26. It's me 👸 gambit based on my life story as an original

  27. Hands down this is one of the Best American Tv shows ever…no wonder why it bagged 11 Emmy awards 🙌🏾

  28. I love the detail that in the start of the show she is dressed like a pawn and also moves straight like any pawn does at the start of the game whereas in the end she has been dressed like a queen and can decide any direction for her life now

  29. This is one of my top 10 movies in my life.

  30. Beth and Borgov had more chemistry than her and Benny…

  31. Wow I had no idea how incredible this show would be literrally one of the most satisfying programs I've ever seen. I was literally giddy watching the last episode. I can't even say the last time a show made me feel this way. No surprise it won 11 Emmy awards.

  32. It was an extraordinary series, quite unlike anything I had seen before & totally captivating from the storyline, acting, filming & direction/ production and not forgetting the superb musical score.

  33. Three young artists with exceptional talent, the brightest of futures and charisma off the charts – Anya Taylor-Joy, Jodie Comer and Aurora Aksnes.

  34. I like how Beth can speak Russian and then it’s revealed the Russian also knows englidh

  35. I'm not sure if I will ever get tired of this scene or this series. Hands down, the best thing I ever saw on Netflix.

  36. I stopped playing decades ago because the game was dominated by tweens.

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