Biggest Tournament Of The Year LIVE | FIDE Candidates 2022 | Round 1

It’s time for the world’s best chess players to battle it out at the 2022 FIDE Candidates Tournament! The most important event of the year, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Alireza Firouzja, Ding Liren, Ian Nepomniachtchi and more are playing for the chance to become the challenger and take on five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen in the 2023 World Chess Championship!

All the information:

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  1. For anyone who reads this. Would they allow you to listen to music while playing?

  2. Not me opening up YouTube seeing this at top and thinking the time zone difference brought the candidates 3 days early.

  3. its always better to penetrate the A file with the rook while its been cleaned from unwanted pieces

  4. Bad game fron Hikaru, maybe he should stop streaming for a while

  5. I am glad Rapport has long hair now. Him and Duda look the same with short hair.

  6. Do we know what type of pieces they are using?

  7. Wouldn't it be crazy if Hikaru made it to 2900 before Magnus…

  8. So good to see Hikaru lose. He might have his fanboys fooled, but he is not a good person, the evidence is everywhere.

  9. Bring Nardotsky and Hess, they r great commentators and their analysis makes sense to me

  10. 6:00:00 Radjabov has had more candidate experience than Fabi (although not winning it)

  11. Danny shut up or learn history

  12. Is it possible for a player who is certainly lost to throw the other games in order to let his "friend" win the candidates?

  13. can someone say help me why i vote right but i dont see me in the top scores??

  14. what board theam are they using on there analysis board?

  15. Amazing! 😍 I’m so excited! 🎉🎉🎉

  16. The commentary was excellent, and I listened all the way through, but there should be no doubt that even with the strength in modern chess engines and tablebases, nothing can equal having at least one of the commentators being a very strong chess grandmaster, such as GM Yasser Sierwan or GM Daniel Naroditsky, since the engine cannot talk or explain the nuances of extremely complex positions, especially endgames. In this sense, GM Robert Hess was missed, and thus an over-reliance on the computer evaluation was often leaned upon too heavily here, in what was nonetheless very good coverage. The audience still benefits greatly from commentators who rely upon hard-earned chess knowledge, as opposed to a reliance on engines. – j q t –

  17. Bring Hess. He was a great commentator

  18. 6:20:10 If Rapport plays Nd4, he actually has pretty strong chances of winning, because after all the pieces are exchanged, his pawns will just overwhelm Duda's G2 Pawn

  19. Chess needs a new scoring: draw zero points, win one point, tibreak blitz in case of a tie. If there is still a tie, units of the remaining figures count: rook 4.5 points, bishop 3 points, knight 3 points, pawn 1 point, queen 9 points.

  20. Cringe Fabiano fans when round 1 is going on in the chat: Nepo cracks under pressure, I hope fabiano wins

    round 14 reality: Fabiano has not won a single game in the second half and instead cracked badly, lost many games while Nepo is straight up destroying every one of his opponents and made a new record number of wins with no losses in a candidates tournament.

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