Bishop’s move is Brilliant | Chess tactics #shorts #chess #brilliantmove


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  1. Queen takes bishop and black king has no way to move so black sacrifice 2 rooks to stalemate

  2. если бы белые не пешкой походили а сразу ферзём то было бы норм

  3. It is a long process. First queen takes Bishop then rook to back rank check,white takes with rook seconds rook takes and checks king takes then stale mate.

  4. queen takes rook g1 check rook takes forced. rook takes. king takes forced. stalemate

  5. Ja olhei 30 veses e eu so vejo as pretas perdendo 🤣🤣🤣 mais se vcs dizem ne ta bom mais ate aonde eu vejo quem pega a rainha de bramcas?

  6. white material advantage is supposedly an easy conversion to win especially in an end game, but boom! suddenly a win becomes nothing by just a move by black as it suddenly changed everything!

  7. I had a another plan. Before bishop move, rook g1 check, white rook takes, then other rook g1 check , queen forced to take. Then bishop check, queen forced to defend. Then take queen and black will have bishop advantage. Then black king start moving in to take Black pieces. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. Haha W stalemate
    Sac Bc6+, Qxc6, Rg1+, Rxg1, Rxg1+, Kxg1, stalemate.

  9. If you can't win, at least don't lose!😂😂

  10. Stalemate..
    Bishop move and rook move..

  11. Black draws the game by force bruh, i will say how, so quewn is forced to take bishop, as king cant move… After that top black rook to g8 giving check, it is forced to be taken by white rook, after the other black rook goes to g8, king is forced to take it, now, black king is trapped with no other pieces to move

  12. I am still thinking why white has played pawn A3

  13. White Queen takes bishop
    Black king can't run due to White Pawn on d6
    On next move Black king is checkmate.

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