Blitz Chess Tournament #14 (3|0)

This is a 55-minute tournament I competed in on lichess. This tournament was created, and played while broadcasting at . Time controls are set at 3 minutes per player.

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. I donot understand how this Points are calculated. I saw a Tournament with him 100% Winning but being second behind someone having lost games ???

  2. That was a weak tourney I should have stepped in and played.

  3. Always happy to see a Jerry video in my feed

  4. A far cry from the REAL ferrari that makes you sweat..

  5. Hi jerry. love your videos and streams so much, keep up the good work
    Just wondering whether you will ever maybe play a vs match against another chess streamer, could be interesting.

  6. blitz is so much more enjoyable to watch than bullet.

  7. "Clockeroni" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Love the video. Thanks again.

  8. 25:30 I think white could have checked with the bishop to clear a path for the queen

  9. Your opponent could have even played g5 at 13:10, yielding a fair advantage both according to my brain and the computer.

  10. You should play more blitz, more enjoyable and learning a lot more ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. There's a tactic I was taught when it came to the position at 23:39, with the g5 bishop pin, if they commit with the e5 advance, Nxe5 opens up a discovery check with an attack with the queen. If Bxd8, then Nxc3+, and you're up a minor piece after an exchange of queens and the knight and bishop. If instead of Bxd8, and knight on c6 takes knight on e5 (correct line for white I think), Rxe5+ and you win a pawn. But then again I'm not a fan of the Benoni because of how cramped it makes me feel.

  12. Hello Jerry, any chance you could try to fit in more of the chess variant tournaments such as horde chess, king of the hill and crazyhouse. They're so interesting to watch.

  13. What famous chess player's playing style would you compare Jerry's to?

  14. 23:50 The immediate Nxe4 was possible, taking advantage of the king's alignment with the rook down the e file.

  15. Errr Jerry you bullying bunnies again? Lol Jerry is like 600 points stronger than any-one else.

  16. After playing a while on lichess I managed to reach ~1300 all the way down from 1050. I was stuck on 1300 for a quite some time and only after watching your videos and really paying attention to your commentary did I finally reach 1400. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  17. Without being much of a chess player, your videos are quite enjoyable to watch. Thanks for the content Jerry!

  18. I'm at the intermediate stage in chess, How long till I become grandmaster :')

  19. just beat my first ever 2000 rated opponent the second one i have played after jerry and passed 1700 in blitz for the first time in the same game ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. 40:15 "yeah, i don't even wanna take that knight…" >immediately takes the knight<

  21. These blitz games provide about same amount of learning and pleasure as standard games. Brilliant narrative efforts of Jerry. Thank you!!

  22. That game against tickeroftime was just an amazing attacking game. But I love how your thought process during the game was so positional as always ๐Ÿ˜€ (yes, I know they're intertwined. it was still funny.)

  23. Chess is an art, science, sport or war pick one ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. The game with MoralChess was my favorite game. Very detailed explanation and the opponent is in grasp of everything. Very intense and clever game. Love it!

  25. At the beginning 36-0 against queenmaster dude youre savage

  26. Blitz is way more instructional than bullet. Please consider doing more of these Jerry.

  27. At 25:50, the opponent should've sacked the bishop with BH7+ and then escape with the queen. Excellent play, Jerry!

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