Brilliant Finish! #winningdrink #chess #MCCP #Checkmate #ChessEndgame

White sacrifices the Queen, underpromotes to a Knight, and delivers a stunning checkmate. This must-see winning sequence showcases brilliant strategy and creativity in action! #winningdrink #chess #MCCP #Checkmate #ChessEndgame


  1. Langkah raja hitam mendekat kuda droww

  2. Ich hätte auf Patt gespielt wenn ich schwarz gewesen wäre und hätte es erreicht indem ich bauer nach vorne gezogen hätte

  3. Waa kay acting kar raha hei 😂😂

  4. Bro acting like he in a real game 😂 this is an ancient puzzle brother

  5. I hate the attitude of this guy ….yes you are a smart.but why need to put that water bottle in your mouth while wining….if you are that much smart then come jn top10 chess players list

  6. if he would have been move the pawn that would be a draw

  7. Hahaha pakkk ini rekaman dari trik catur xixxixi semakin lama semakin parah kontennya

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