Brilliant Rook move | Chess tricks #checkmate #shorts #chess


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  1. Ce coup est inutile dame prend tour échec et mat

  2. That's an extra move..Either Queen or rook takes rook and that's the checkmate

  3. Low elos ultra pro max 🥲🥲🥲 nice edit tho😂😂

  4. Kxd5 Kxd5
    Vc8 Kd8
    Kxe6 Fxe6
    Vxe6 Ve7
    Vxe7 chekmate
    The smart ones who say kd8 mate are coming by taking the castle and stones

  5. Let's do otherwise, guys. He could've sacrifised his rook on e5 by taking bishop, than f7 pawn recaptures and Qxd8..i guess

  6. Here's an explanation.

    Rxd5 (!)
    The best move is Qd6
    Following Qd6 is Rxe6+ (!!), fxe6, Rxd6, Rd7, Rxe6+, Kf8, Qxd7, and Re8# is unstoppable.

    However if you take the rook, there is Rxd5 and once again Qd6 is the best move
    After Qd6 there is Qxd6 and Qe6# is unstoppable too
    But if you do Bxd5 you have Qc8#

  7. The question here is why he didn't move the white queen on the d7 square

  8. Si negro come torre con reina da Jaque torre sube sacrificio de torre por alfil peón come torre reina come alfil reina tapa y reina blanca da Jaque mate

  9. Already win for white but white did beautiful move.if bl castle take white cas white qn c8 cas d8.wh cas take rook p take cas wh q take p checkmate.😊

  10. i almost crazy because this puzzle, but i saw these move
    black=Rxd5, white= Qc8+ black forced=Rd8 white=RxBd6 black forced=fxd6 white end it with Qxd6#!!!

  11. Not brilliant D8 was mate, but when he did that Bishop takes rook, rook takes bishop black rook take white rook, Whatttttt bruh it is not brilliant it is plunder

  12. If rook takes then rook takes and if bishop even thinks about moving,,its quwen checkmate on the back rank the bishop can't even think about moving,not even think about it

  13. Habia un pieza puede ser un peon, hizo un sacrificio de torre ya sea de material o cálida es mate en 3 contando el sacrificio de torre.

  14. Rook takes rook on D5
    Rook takes bishop on E6 "Check"
    Pawn takes rook on E6
    Queen to C8 check force rook to d8
    Then Queen takes pawn to E6 check
    And black resigns
    Because after black queen on E7 (try tove the queen)
    Wight Queen takes black queen on E7 checkmate. Because the pawn is still on F6

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