Can 2 Girls Beat a Blindfolded Chess Master?

Two Botez sisters, one @GothamChess. Can he beat them while wearing a blindfold? Drop a like and let us know in the comments if we should do a round 2 of this match!
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  1. i think the best 2 girls can beat is a cup . But it's sharp and dangerous .

  2. Edit: 24 minutes of the botez sisters arguing and Levi just acting as if he is high af on chess 🤷‍♂️

  3. So, let me get this straight: Andrea is scaring Alexandra with her loudness, Alexandra is scaring me with her loudness and I'm from Greece, the loudest country ever…

  4. “This is my normal inside voice”

    turns into siren head

  5. If the chess pieces were removed from the thumbnails
    It whould be really bad

  6. 10:12 "imagine how happy your community would be if everytime they subscribed they would hear our angelic voices"

    also 10:15 "fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"

    me (a family friendly person) : 👁👄👁

  7. they annoyed him so much he accepted the draw lmao

  8. mans blindfolded and still sees there moves…

  9. Levy looks like a chad without glasses lmao

  10. 2 vs 1 already unfair than blind and all the distractions is goated to win against them

  11. wasnt knight g4 at the end just forced checkmate?

  12. thats the first time ive seen levy without glasses

  13. He is not blindfolded! His eyes were open for the entire game and he didn’t even blink.

  14. She said “okay, I’ll just move while you’re in the bathroom then” haha. But seriously, is this girl doing a bit?

  15. Did you know you have a duck on e9
    What in the actually name of our beloved 8 by 8 chess board going on

  16. Levy could have done knight g4 then queen takes h2 and I think it's checkmate

  17. 20:41
    Im like "what the hell?"
    Levy could have sacrificed the ROOOOK
    for a fork,lmoa😂

  18. I'm talking to…Hikaru. Andrea is very quick witted lol

  19. Andrea is beautiful and you guys are all hilarious!

  20. Most disgusting conversation for a blindfold play . Huge respect for the levy ❤

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