Can Ding Fight Back to Even Against Nepomniachtchi With The FIDE World Championship Dwindling?

The 2023 FIDE World Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan is the most important over-the-board classical event of the year and decides who will be the next world champion. After a record-breaking Candidates Tournament, world number-two Nepomniachtchi faces world number-three Ding Liren in a battle for Magnus Carlsen’s throne after the current world champion abdicated his title.

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  1. ᵛᶰシKᏋM TRàᏁᎶ TIềᏁ࿐ says:

    Trỗi dậy bản năng sát thủ khiến mọi đối thủ khiếp sợ 😂😂😂

  2. replace the obnoxious indian butter chicken woman ty

  3. Best world championship match ever. Everything from mental disturbance, time trouble to terrible blunder. This championship have been very hard on player. They must have lost few kgs. As a fan, I have been following WC matches since Vishy-Carlsen match but never have been attached to any match as much as this one.

  4. Ding Liren the reed that bends but does not break !

  5. For good sake!!! Get a big screen and show what the players talking about… world championship..


  7. Nepo properly spending his time crying when he had 17mins

  8. This match is wild! Let's remember that people were declaring the game dead after Magnus and Fabi played 12 draws in a row in their match and now we get a match where 6/12 games have been decisive! And this is the world nr 2 and world nr 3!

    I think Hikaru actually made a good point in one of his commentaries; a lot of the top players will be watching this and thinking "I could have played better" which means regardless of who wins here there will be blood in the water. With Magnus as champion noone really truly believed that they were better than him, they basically had to accept that if he played at his top level they wouldn't have a chance, which is a huge psychological disadvantage.

    But in this new era all the top players will have seen the new world champion completely collapse multiple times on the worlds biggest stage and know that they can beat them!

    I personally wished that Magnus would have continued to play, but after this match I do think we might be going into a very exciting time of top level chess. A lot of players will be coming for the next champ!

  9. Once again I think its clearly demonstrated why the evaluation bar is so misleading. At one point it seemed like a crushing victory for Ian, but only if he found a crazy 12 move combination. As soon as he missed it the evaluation went to slight white advantage. I am sure at that moment everyone in chat was screaming blunder or that Ding was playing terribly for allowing it…but its really ridiculous for people to keep judging the match based on how a super-genius AI is evaluating the game. Personally I think it would be better to just disable the bar…would make chat experience a lot more civil

  10. Two the runner player. The champion is not here

  11. First of all yes Magnus is a great great player but it doesn't necessarily mean that these guys can't beat him……but the only problem with Magnus is that he is too solid and would squeeze the heart from his opponent to win and we wouldn't have seen these crazy blunders by both players had he played……but for the sake of chess's popularity this game is amazing…..but for the quality of games you expect from a world championship match this is not fabi said ,"both ding and Ian stopped calculating and are playing on instinct"…..I don't know what is happening….is this the psychological pressure because the match is back and forth?..even if you look at the blunders of Ian from the world championship match of 2021 , they were blunders but high level(meaning hard to understand) ,,,,but the blunder f5 is so obvious that a 1500+ rated player can understand….but simply with this loss Ian is in serious pressure…..and ding now has higher chances to win the championship.

  12. I usually don't mind Tania but she was annoying af in this game. The game is dramatic enough without ridiculous commentary about the player's nerves.

  13. Ding drew a winning position on game 8.Ian lost a winning game on game's equal guys

  14. Fabi and Hess has eval bar and board to comment but they still has trouble. Chess is so difficult. Dont judge Ding and Ian. They played very good.


  16. terrible commentators – spend most of their time looking at the engine bar

  17. The live bar makes it seem that players are blundering, but I think if the commentators are watching without the bars help those blunders are much less obvious to catch.

  18. I watched half this game seeing ding in a bad position. Then I saw gotham thumbnail "He won" and was just sure it must be Nepo winning. Couldn't imagine such a turnaround in wcc

  19. i've been rooting for Ding throughout this whole match. except for the 15 minutes after f5. that was heartbreaking.

  20. Maybe we all just should stop calling games everytime the engine sees a theoretical win in a super complex position. Humans are playing and Humans make mistakes, thats just part of the game.

  21. It’s so unfair for both Ding and Ian when Magnus fans keep repeating like a broken record that Magnus is great. Both these players are the top 3 players in the world and they have demonstrated something I’ve never seen for a decade…an exciting and unpredictable WCC! Yea, Magnus is great but please respect this tournament, respect the players, respect chess.

  22. Now you guys understand the story of rabbit and the tortoise

  23. The female IM is being way more harsh on Nepo than the two GMs are lol

  24. The championship has more twists than Game of Thrones

  25. اخويا دينج مبروك التعادل وعقبال التقدم يا حبيبي ❤

  26. Show that you're the best World Chess Champion without playing the World Chess Championship.

    Magnus Carlsen: Challenge accepted!

  27. Robert Hess is a fortune teller. First Bc7 in Magnus-Hikaru and now f5 in Ding-Ian. They listen and play what he said on stream. Absolutely banana!

  28. Infact we should remove Carlsen from World Championship to see this kind of normal humans Game. Instead He gone himself away😅😂

  29. Wait, what? I tuned in this morning and they were basically burying Ding

  30. Caruana: I don't take stock in body language
    Also Caruana: Ding looks excited!

  31. got to hand it to ian for taking this lose like a champ

  32. I was here!!! Future me be proud on past me!

  33. the only 2800 elo who often blunders like 400 in classic.

  34. Tania please do commentry only, dont criticizing players in a toxic way, just because engine bars tells you the move is correct or not you think you can use bad words for them, if there is no engine bars you won't understand a single move for weeks, so please don't irritate us, we wanted to hear GMs thoughts not your toxic validations

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