Can Hikaru & Anish Win to Guarantee their Progress to Round 3? | FIDE World Cup 2023 Rd 2 Game 2

The 2023 FIDE World Cup takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan and features 309 players, including Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana in the Open section, and Ju Wenjun in the Women’s. The top three qualify for the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament. Open games:
Women’s games:

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  1. Dear Tania, it's not DOM-in-gwezz, it's dom-ING-guess, "guess" exactly as in the word "guess" – silent u and no z sound. Also, the last syllable of Kosteniuk is -yuk NOT -uik!! "yu" is a Russian letter, "ю". Also, the phrases "on the board" and particularly "a move like" are particularly useless, grating filler phrases you'd do well to avoid. "e4 played on the board!" – well yes, where else?! And when you say "a move like g4", there practically never is any move "like" g4. But we learn the phrase isn't meant to mean anything.I was overjoyed to see Peter and you had taken over from Jovi and Ginger, who, while each wonderful, unique, adorable icons of the chess world, shouldn't be commentating on top level chess while there are candidates like you. Peter is a commentating marvel, it must be a dream come true working beside him! I've enjoyed many, many hours of you guys, looking forward to many more, thank you! Tania, love your energy and tactical acumen. And hair. Best wishes. 🙂p.s. Oh while I'm here, one for Peter I've noticed in the past. "Analysis" vs its plural "analyses". It's not the usual "-es" plural, but sounds the same as "seas", i.e. rhymes with bees, trees, knees. aNALysis, aNALyseas. Diagnosis, crisis, synopsis, oasis, synthesis, thesis, hypothesis, axis, and nemesis, also from Greek, form plurals in the same way.

  2. Goryachkina's face at 3:22:24. "Dude, you make us all look like complete imbeciles"

  3. 3:48:18 i never really got that why is he saying that they will lose track of the figurs i mean they can fucking play blind

  4. Nice save by Wesley at the end game. Hikaru opponent played really well, wonder if he can hold up in faster time controls tomorrow.

  5. sorry everyone, not exactly a hot take, but this is the COMMENTARY DREAM TEAM. Sjuch amazing insights from Peter, so perfectly grounded by Tania (whose own analysis is nothing to sneeze at!) I love hearing about Peter's war stories and I love how Tania is genuinely right there with me. 💯♥

  6. Goated Commentary duo. Pls keep this duo for the rest of the tourney

  7. Makes me wonder why Hans Nieman is not in this tournament, he is rated higher than several of the players.

  8. These guys saying emre kan is weird. Its emre can. Pronouncing is emre jan.

  9. Layout is great. But think game 2 should display current match score, so know what is needed. Likewise during tie break match.

  10. Anyone have the timestamp for when Sachdev may or may not have dropped an F-bomb? I was watching live and couldn't record the time, but I listened to it 10 times and I could not for the life of me understand what she said.

  11. Hikaru looks so healthy man, clean shave is growing back I bet the wedding photos were awesome !

  12. Always root for Hikaru
    I beloeve he is the best chess player in the world
    But Classical is a tough tough gauntlet to win

  13. Leko and Tania are still two of my favorite commentators. Love it and thank you both!

  14. Fun fact: In live rating, there is a bigger gap between 1st and 2nd place, than 2nd and 17th place. Shows how far it is up to Magnus.

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