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  1. Put the video on 1.25 speed, and it sounds like Eric is in charge of the music

  2. Who won all the other categories, like no castling, highest accuracy, etc?

  3. First time he thinks in 30 mins, he isnt actually thinking hes changing the playlist

  4. That was amazing, watched the whole thing. This format is truly your forte

  5. Did you also get most wins without castling? Wanna see some statistics, like games won, lost, etc

  6. Is he a woman? No, he's Aman

    terrible, I know

  7. Would have been nice to see who won the other prizes, especially with you going for not castling. Still, nice work Aman!

  8. I didn't watch the entire video, but did Aman lose or draw even a single game?

  9. I get into a flow state just watching this. Love it. New music suite is great too.

  10. Crazy to see 2k+ Andy's getting blown off the board by a non castling Aman.

  11. Honestly though, I think not castling gave you two or three extra moves that you didn't have to think too hard about which gives you an edge on the clock in this time format. It oddly might be an overall advantage.

  12. Holy smokes, you were in a zone for most of the end there, and insane speed, congrats Aman you've come so far, deserved win

  13. did you win the no castle as well ? this is impressive! how were your eyes after 2,5 hours at that speed? 😀

  14. for anyone wondering, the official results are as follows:
    rating 1st – knvb
    rating 2nd – jospem
    rating 3rd – miterryble
    longest streak – miterryble
    fewest blunders – miterryble
    highest accuracy – wonderfultime
    most games without castling – hikaru
    highest % of mate in 1 – jospem

  15. Considering this is a bullet tournament with prize money at stake, the person stalling at 40:10 really ought to resign or at least TRY to flag. Making someone just sit there is pretty shameful in this format.

  16. Erics play by play of the standings at the end had me freaking out a bit.

  17. these two are broadcasting icons …. Nakamura has all the charm of a mass grave.

  18. How did one guy blunder his queen twice in the opening lmao

  19. I love Aman, but does anyone else watch him play Titled Tuesday and wonder where did this speed come from all of a sudden?

  20. Can anyone tell me the name of the outro song?

  21. Really enjoyed that. Did anybody else pause a few games to try and calculate the insane tactics Aman was uncorking the whole time???

  22. Random hypothetical, but if Aman H. Was trans, would they change their name to Awoman?

  23. Best chess video ever. You're a genious. How come that your account name Is KNVB? 😂😂😂

  24. What about TommyWen1? He had 2550 when Aman played him. Is there something I'm missing?

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