CANDIDATES CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. They will make a book about this game one day … I watched it live … As expected they barely managed to walk away from the table …

  2. The end of the fabi nepo game was crazy to watch live. Great recap as always levy

  3. Thank you Levy for the thrilling commentary! Leading up to the spectacle that this candidates presented!!

  4. I think magnus is right about the format of the tournament being very inconsistent to who "the best" candidate is.

  5. Great candidates this year and levi never failed to bring us the best and entertaining recap.

  6. I just mated a 1539 while being 397, i'm a genius 😎👌

  7. Thanks for this recap … and for the chess deck 😂❤❤

  8. So sad that Fabi wasn't able to clinch it. Super excited with his performance and really wanted to see him challenge Ding in the championship

  9. This game will haunt both Caruana and Nepomniatchi for decades

  10. Thank you for the effort and competency. Great covetage.

  11. You play chess so good! I wish i were like you. My rating is 450

  12. Great recap of a great tournament 👏👏

  13. 3:55
    Vaishali = 5 games
    Didn't you say Fabiano Caruana won 8 or 9 🤔

  14. I can't take it man, this tournament was so stressful to watch, I felt like I aged 5 years. Amazing play. The disappointment on Hikaru's face when he was forced to draw was so sad, and Ian and Fabi apologizing to eachother after the game trying to hold back tears really got me man. Congratz to Gukesh, I never in a million years thought he would crush it.

  15. why wouldn't Jan and Fabi come up with some random deal so one of them gets to play Gukesh?? Makes no sense to just draw

  16. The Caruana vs Nepo match was like watching Anakin vs. Obi-Wan for the first time again, extraordinary edge of your seat stuff great recap once again Gotham

  17. Every like this comment gets I’ll do a push up

  18. I don’t understand why does Magnus not play in this event?

  19. Super chess and super presentation. .. 💯

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