Carlsen, Caruana, So, and Nakamura Headline the Chessable Masters 2023! | Day 1 – CCT Knockout Stage

Featuring the reigning Champions Chess Tour winner, Magnus Carlsen, Global Champion, Wesley So, and Speed Chess Champion, Hikaru Nakamura, the new 2023 CCT season continues with the Chessable Masters! A record $2 million prize pot will be on offer across this year’s Champions Chess Tour—making it the richest and most prestigious annual circuit in chess history.


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  1. The comment section is right. The old crew just had a sense of calm, this stream turned into a rap battle halfway through. We don’t need more drama, please let’s just get back to some banter and jokes and the chess. A balanced approach. WTF is this shit

  2. Preferred older format: lighter, more sociable. It was different and brought me into this tournament.There are plenty of other "technical-only" streams covering this. Sad.

  3. Stick to one fucking board at a time please. WTF

  4. yeah, seems a bit dumbed down. Only GM Hess actually talking chess and likely moves, others spouting a lot of vague redundant fluff. They should be switching between boards much more/better. Too much stalling in all senses.

  5. 1:48:30 Crucial moments in games not being covered. E.g., So's win over Aronian in game 2. We saw some level middle game, but no clue as to what happened later! Sloppy, careless, scatterbrained. Leko would have been all over it.

  6. This casting team is way better than the old one — the insight that James and Hess bring is 🔥

    The old team was too boring at times fr

  7. incessant long discussion of how boring some even position is. Meanwhile we see the eval bars jumping wildly on the other boards, but the commentators never seem to catch or switch to them until they become boring too. Constant irritation at all we are missing.

  8. Can I just say that the commentary team is amazing!
    Everyone’s excitement is contagious and I love hearing Tanya’s whispered wowww’s and yeahhh’s 😄

  9. Meanwhile Kajas baby is already approaching 2300 elo!

  10. Miss the old format and the hype of announcing the roster. This one somehow went under the radar for me. The new chesscom format of having a gazillion losers round division and winners round is hard to keep up.

  11. I don't want to be rude, but I miss the times of a year or two ago… David, Simon, Jovanka, Kaja – those were the days! 😢

  12. I'm sort of neutral on this commentary team vs. the old Jovanka one, but I really miss the Tania/Leko duo. Can we have the so called "advanced" stream back? Please? Pretty please??

  13. David and Robert are the best. Rest are for numbers

  14. I cant listen to this…have to watch without sound, but then i miss a lot, Its so many talkers, and fast and hysteric…sad to see..

  15. Yes, we really miss Simon, Jovanka and Kaja. The current ladies voice is sadly a bit screechy. No offense intended.

  16. Don’t like these over the top Americans. Bit cringe

  17. This is an awesome cast. Best hosting so far.

  18. Can somebody pls tell the team to stop screeching like teens commentating a WWF match? That Indian woman's voice is so abhorrent and obstrusive. Boy.
    A rapper chain? Really? Is this idiocracy?

  19. Omg, where is Kaja and Jovanka? Boring. Only David..

  20. Great to see 2 of the best commentators together: Hess and Howell.

  21. What? Artemiev from Moscow – then why not Karjakin, dear Chessable Masters?

  22. I like the new format, but I cannot stand the jumping around with the commentary. Can't we just watch a game from start to finish?… makes no sense to me

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