Carlsen draws his game against So | Round 11

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. Magnus sucks. Wesley So rules.

    Bobby Fischer would consider Wesley So more of a world champion than Magnus Carlsen or Hikaru Nakamura.

    (HUGE UPDATE: See zs4zpf how Magnus has something against Jews more than Americans.)

    What do Daniil Dubov and Hikaru Nakamura have in common? Both betray their country for Magnus.

    6 parts:

    Part1. Bobby Fischer agrees.
    Part2. Magnus, unlike ASH KETCHUM, was never the world champion.
    Part3. Talent
    Part4. Magnus is a coward
    Part5. Magnus cheated 3x
    Part6. More on talent and then stuff about Hans Niemann

    Part1. Bobby Fischer agrees with me.

    Bobby would side with Hans and Wesley over Magnus and Hikaru. I'm not American, but GOD BLESS AMERICA. Bobby still wouldn't like the US government today, but Bobby would like the US players today esp Hans and Wesley. I guess Magnus is the reverse: no political opinion on the US but has something against American people or American players, as Magnus admitted in podcast (see yev3a1 ).

    Now, Daniil and Hikaru betray their resp countries not for Norway but for Magnus. As Nepo pointed out in 2021, Norway is 'not a chess country'. So Norway was never the villain. Magnus is the villain (not a Norwegian villain, just a villain who happens to be Norwegian).

    – Daniil betrayed Russia by helping Magnus over Sergey and Nepo in WCC 2021.
    – Hikaru betrayed the US by siding with Magnus over Hans without sufficient evidence.

    What is up with Magnus that makes people betray their countries for Magnus? Magnus was never the WC, so why betray your country for Magnus?


    When Wesley So or Bobby Fischer accuse people of cheating, we LISTEN.

    When Magnus Carlsen accuses, we LAUGH.

    Magnus is a cheater too eg against (more in part5)

    – Alireza 2019,
    – Danya 2021 and
    – Nepo 2021.

    Part2. Magnus, unlike ASH KETCHUM, was never the world champion.

    Wesley is the inaugural WC and has been from 2019 to PRESENT. Wesley did not lose in a game to Magnus in Iceland 2022, in St Louis 2020 or in Norway 2019. Wesley did not lose the title to Hikaru, like how Bobby never lost the title to Anatoly Karpov or anyone because the conditions FIDE gave that were unfavourable for the AMERICANS Bobby and Wesley. Does FIDE have something against Americans? (They had only 1 non-European president, a Filipino/Filipina/Philippine.) Hikaru is just the rapid WC.

    Part3. Talent

    Magnus may be the best currently, but Wesley has been the most talented since 2019 in being the only world champion since 2019. Magnus lost 4-0, actually 13.5-2.5, to Wesley in 2019. Then Magnus lost 3-1 to Nepo in 2022 and thus indirectly lost 3-1 to Hikaru. LOL.

    Chess = great = a combination of theory and talent

    9LX = pure talent

    Talent is how good you are when there's no theory.

    Looks like Magnus is good only for openings. Turns out Magnus is a talentless patzer who crumbles without opening prep. PATHETIC.

    Note: Patzer means extremely good at openings but sucks at middlegames and endgames.
    So much for greatest endgame player of all time ey?

    Anyhoo, Magnus is maybe 1 of the GOATs but THE GOAT?! Please. How can you be THE GOAT when you're TALENTLESS?

    Also Garry is not GOAT for cheating against Judit (whose sibling Susan is American btw – see zs4zpf ) and not apologising for it almost 3 decades later.

    Actually, Magnus is similarly also not GOAT due to cheating against Alireza Danya and Nepo. (More in part5.) Levy said in a wired video that GOAT comes down to Magnus, Garry and Bobby. Garry cheated Judit. Magnus cheated Alireza Danya and Nepo. (Wesley) So Bobby wins!

    Wesley told Hikaru in stream that 50-70 years 9LX will replace chess. See Wikipedia. Wesley said in 2018 interview St Louis that Bobby or Garry is greatest of all time. Even if Bobby is not GOAT, Bobby is MTOAT – most talented of all time.

    2nd place in the 2019 WC was PATHETIC for a 4x WCC and wow later 5x WCC. And then in 2022 Magnus wasn't even 2nd place. LOL!!!!

    9LX removes openings, so Magnus should be STRONGER not LESS STRONG. Yet in 2019 Magnus lost 13.5-2.5 to Wesley and didn't get a single win. Why?!?!?!!!! And look now in 2022 Magnus lost 3-1 to Nepo despite beating Nepo 4-0 in the 2021 WCC (where Magnus cheated against Nepo). And of course consequently Magnus indirectly lost 3-1 to Hikaru. Also Magnus should be better in rapid than classical re Sergey 2016 and Fabi 2018. Yet 2nd 2019 and 3rd 2022. LOL.

    Ok to be fair this is what Larry Kaufman told me:

    (Begin quote)
    Magnus doesn't generally play such great openings, he strives to get the game out of book as early as possible usually. I think the issue here is that his greatest strength is the endgame, but FRC games are much more likely to be decided in the middlegame as the players are on their own so early. That's probably why he doesn't shine as brightly in FRC as in Classical chess.
    (End quote)

    Part4. Magnus is a coward re the 2022 WC because:

    4.1 – The 2022 WC didn't have a candidates the same way the last 4 WCCs do. Magnus had the privilege to defend against ONLY 1 OPPONENT each of the last 4 times. (And Vishy from 2008-13.) But more importantly…

    4.2 – FIDE lowered the time controls by 25%!!!!! Magnus obviously has a higher advantage in rapid. Magnus even beat Sergey and Fabi only because of rapid tiebreaks. Magnus couldn't beat Fabi in a classical WCC game!!! But Sergey and Fabi 'deserved' to have lower time controls because they only drew against Magnus in original time controls. But Wesley didn't lose a single game to Magnus in 2019 and even beat Magnus 4x !!! So why did Wesley So deserve lower time controls?!?!!

    Note: The tiebreaks Sergey and Fabi got were even 25min, not 45min. Lol.

    Bobby was on top for only a short period of time because FIDE and Anatoly were cowards who ran away from Bobby. (No offense Sergey Karjakin! Or wait I can compromise: FIDE, not necessarily Anatoly Karpov, were cowards.)

    See? It happened again. FIDE and Magnus were being cowards running away from Wesley. But it backfired on them because they didn't expect Nepo, and apparently Hikaru too, is more talented than Magnus. But I already knew it: Nepo lost only 3x to Wesley in 2019 FIDE and drew with Wesley in 2022 St Louis while Magnus lost 4x to Wesley in 2019 FIDE and FURTHERMORE lost to Wesley in 2020 St Louis.

    Wesley never lost the title to Hikaru, as Bobby never lost the title to Anatoly. FIDE is being cowardly in 2022 as in 1975. There's FIFA uncovered. Where's FIDE uncovered?


    Part5. Magnus cheated 3x

    5.1 – with David Howell against Danya Naroditsky

    5.1A – in the lichess thing.

    5.1B – in relationships. Lol.

    5.2 – Magnus also cheated in world blitz 2019 in distracting Alireza. Yes Magnus spoke in Norwegian on own turn BUT AFTER punching clock continued to talk on Alireza's turn.

    5.3 – Magnus cheated against Nepo in 2021 WCC with the knight touch move thing and then said 'do better' as part of gaslighting the reporter. Search 'magnus carlsen gaslighting'.


    Magnus is like the cheaters Tigran V / L Petrosian and is unlike the HONEST players Wesley So and Bobby Fischer. Also Garry cheated Judit by touch. See? Magnus copied Garry.

    Also, have there been any cheating scandals in 9LX? I guess 9LX players have more integrity than chess players.

    Part6. More on talent and then stuff about Hans Niemann

    Quote 1:
    After playing Chess960, I realise how mentally unwell chess players become the more they play it. They know they will get the same ideal setup every game and they deny the fact that they will mess it up unless they memorise some other geek's ideas. In Chess960 there is nothing to deny. You know you are going to get a far from ideal start position and you know it is up to you to make the best of it and you know you will be playing moves nobody has tried before. Which is better for your mental health?

    Quote 2:
    Chess960: The winner is the more agile mind. Chess: The winner is the biggest nerd.

    Wesley So is most TALENTED currently even though Magnus is GREATEST currently. Thank you Bobby for helping us realise how TALENTED Wesley is.

    Wesley ain't greatest currently or of all time. BUT WESLEY IS THE MOST TALENTED CURRENTLY AND POSSIBLY OF ALL TIME (well maybe next to Bobby). MTOAT VS GREATEST.


    What of a joke so-called WC in Iceland recently. Congrats to Hikaru who became the RAPID WC. Ok fine Wesley won in SLOW RAPID not classical, but don't believe FIDE when they tell you 25min-for-30moves is slow rapid. It is FAST RAPID. Either way it's a 25% reduction in time!!!


    FIDE lowers the time controls to lower Wesley's odds wanting Magnus to win just as chessc*m kicked out Hans Niemann wanting to please Magnus. Lol. Magnus not only cheats but also manipulates chess entities (resp chessc*m & FIDE) into hurting American players (resp Hans & Wesley). Civil conspiracy and ra()sm. LOL.

    The 5C's:

    Civil conspiracy

    I already said in this post

    Parallel between Hans and Fischer Random 2022?

    (And see HUGE update – zs4zpf )

    P.S. agadmator accepted my suggestion As32LdyKDbc

    P.P.S. Who's the biggest sore loser?

    Light Yagami (death note),
    Magnus Carlsen (chess),
    Garrett Adelstein (poker),
    Magnus Carlsen (chess960)

    (HUGE UPDATE: See zs4zpf how Magnus has something against Jews more than Americans.)

    P.P.P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See xcdhgq

  2. "You have a wrong impression"🤣🤣🤣 savage magnus

  3. from what u want me to do to you have a wrong impression 😂😂

  4. There is a real good chance that Magnus will get 2/2 in the final rounds. He will most likely be tied for first with either Nodirbek or Giri.

  5. why does she say that he "threw" the game, just how did he throw it? So played well did he not? or am i missing something?

  6. "Magnus you just threw your game against Wesley So".

    The nerve!

  7. Wesley just a solid player…hard to beat Wesley so…

  8. Wesley is litterally playing for a draw from the beginning 🤦‍♂️

  9. He sounds more down to earth than usual, maybe the defeats suited him well

  10. He is just 1 haircut away from winning the tournaments🤣😅

  11. Their brain gotta have to be in kind of a chess default setting, so everytime they are required to think of sonething else, the need to put chess away

  12. Magnus sounds uncharacteristicly soft here.

  13. Reporter: Magnus you look like you have lost weight.
    Magnus: Ive never been fatter.

  14. Liar! Final question and she sneaks another one in!

  15. They are contractually obliged to speak to the press after the end of the match, like tennis….

  16. He doesn t even know the exact year of the line Kasparov played, shame…

  17. Suddenly refers an ivanchuk kramnik game wow !

  18. Magnus looks like he has just escaped a twister level 5.

  19. I am calling it: magnus will unleash super saiyan 2…one year later: super saiyan 3 and magnus has reach 2900 rating!!

  20. "Magnus do you see this microphone? It is blue"

  21. Leontxo was sure Magnus was angry with the position as well, LOL.

  22. She became pregnant when he said 'I think your impression is wrong'. I hope her husband doesn't mind a very big headed baby

  23. Suggestion: put a 2D board somewhere on the screen to show us the moves.

  24. Do you see a gentle genius in this interview?

  25. I think Magnus must have been imitating some other chess player during this interview, but I'm not sure which one (I don't follow chess that much)

  26. When magnus offers a draw in a drawn position it should always be refused after awhile he will offer draws earlier.Respect for the opponents ability is paramount.

  27. Part of this result is the respect that So demands, as he’s dangerous and sharp in such positions. Part of me thinks that Magnus recognizes this, and errs on the side of caution.

  28. Looks like Magnus has deadly plans to get two full points from the next games… Beware Pragg and Arjun😍 sadly either of them do not seem to be in good form in the second half of the🤔 tournament….

  29. Silly questions from journalists , even Magnus was annoyed

  30. Such disrespect to the Triple World Champion. How dare she impugn his brilliance with her false impression!

  31. You're a good guy Magnus. Your hair is growing wild though.

  32. The irony: Magnus is looking more and more like Hans Niemann.

  33. Take my downvote and this negative feedback for giving obvious sportsresult in the videotitle. Why do you think I want to get spoiled by my youtube frontpage again and again before I actually have watched the match?

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