Carlsen-Morozevich, World Blitz Championship 2012

This game was played in the 19th round of the World Blitz Championship 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan.


  1. Do you see what is permissible to degrade the daughter of a symbolic palace and lower your gaze, may God give you peace, and watch the songs, it is forbidden, may God guide you

  2. На 5.35 минуте белая пешка как рубит черная пешку? Это разве по правилам? Поясните пожалуйста.

  3. Minuto 5:40 ele comeu o peão da forma correta ?

  4. Countries started playing politics and talked about peace ,we Indians started playing chess thousands of years back and talked about meditation…
    Isn't it a great achievement to be the greatest.
    Jai Hind
    Vande Mataram

  5. This cut b ovens

    But when you

    Thit. angry

  6. Quem ganhou? Não entendo nada de xadrez, mas acho muito daora!

  7. Why does Carslen sacrifice a rook for a knight? I dont get it. 2:55

  8. Now as a day 1 learner of chess , I'm glad i understand completely even i lost 38838292 times in 23 hours

  9. Just 3 min? Wow, i couldnt even play just 5 min.

  10. From 5:32 to 5:40 the guy in Grey puts his pawn 2 steps ahead, but the guy in white (carlsen) wrongfully kills that pawn with his pawn thinking that it's only one step ahead! Or am I mistaken?!

  11. check the from 5.30 seconds to 5.37 seconds it had been wrong action

  12. What happened in the end?
    Who won??I was excited without understanding a thing 🙂💔😂
    Hope to understand this game 😢

  13. What I learned from this video is that if you shake your opponent first, then you are doomed.

  14. People who don't know the rules, the capture Magnus did at @5:33 is called 'En Passant' . This is when you capture your opponent's pawn as if it had moved just 1 square. Remember it's only applicable when a player plays a pawn move 2 squares beside the pawn of the opponent.

  15. but is this a regular match? I don’t do tournaments, but do you always have 3 min?

  16. at 2:58 can someone tell me why did he took the knight with his rook at c5?i thought cause he threatens his queen at b3 but i didnt understand his decision to give up such a powerfull piece :/

  17. i am big fan of chess. especially white

  18. يوجد خطا في الدقيقه ٥.٣٤ لقد اكل الجندي بجندي لايمكن ان ياكل به او موقعه ليس مناسب

  19. I don’t even know why I finish the video I don’t even understand the game l😅😅

  20. 5:35 como ele comeu com o peão de lado, como isso? Alguém me explica

  21. surface→outlook→以上only play
    understand account win …

  22. Watching this video make me feel like I'm Level 1 Crook and they're Level 100 Boss

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