Carlsen v. Caruana | A World Chess Championship REMATCH In The Speed Chess Championship! | SCC 2022

It’s time for the Speed Chess Championship quarterfinals! The 2022 SCC features five-time World Champion Magnus Carlsen, four-time SCC winner Hikaru Nakamura and more of the world’s top players. Since Carlsen won the inaugural 2017 edition, Nakamura has claimed the last four!

The field will play for a total prize fund of $100,000 and the world’s most prestigious online speed chess title.

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  1. For Magnus to do this to Fabi is beyond me. To see this kind of “2019 Magnus” level of excellence is such a wonderful thing to witness again.

  2. 35:40 lol Danya was so pleased with himself over his Bahamas joke, but Danny left him hanging

  3. Considering Magnus has a pro-looking microphone, his audio is terrible

  4. On that second game I was yelling heeeeeeeyy the pawn isnt stopping do something xD

  5. The commentary was way more awkward than normal. Love you guys

  6. This is why Magnus offered a draw in the last game of their world championship match despite the computer saying his position was near winning. He knew that if you sped up the time control and had a match consisting of 4 games his chance of winning was almost 100%. Whereas in classical chess Fabiano is so strong that if Magnus had made a mistake and lost his advantage Fabiano might have beaten him and taken his title.

  7. What anti-cheating measures did they have for these online matches?
    Players are in different locations (own homes?). No sign of an arbiter.
    So how can we be sure there is no cheating going on.
    To put question into context. Do you think Fischer would ever have agreed to play in such conditions against players from the Soviet Union?

  8. Would like to see the commentators not have an eval bar. Seems they use it as too much of a crutch.

  9. What a privilege to be able to watch Magnus today. Awe inspiring.

  10. You keep saying "the explicitive", that's not a word. Did you mean an expletive? Thank you for not dropping one.

  11. Keep analysis board small and live board big and center. Avoid transition animations.

  12. KEEP LIVE BOARD VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES. When will you learn? You have world class players playing for you, and fk it up. Every time.

  13. Danny’s comment about Magnus having table base level endgame clarity is spot on.

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