Carlsen’s Chess Is Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before

Magnus Carlsen’s Chess Is Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before. This is his chess game against Jeffrey Xiong in the Titled Tuesday Chess tournament, 5th December 2023, Late. Carlsen’s truly playing the most exciting chess on the planet right now!

Game (accidentally deleted my analysis):

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  1. These games simply took my breath AWAY. Beyond stunning. The other giants just need to form an orderly queue. GOAT .. no hyperbole whatsoever. Simply the truth.

  2. Usual boring Magnus game, and he got lucky at the end. Really nothing exciting with this game

  3. Hi Epic Chess I come from The faroe Island that technically is a part of Denmark even do we are a selfgoverning part of the danish kingdom. our population is around 55.000 witch makes us one of the smalest countries in the world. We have our own language that is closely related to Icelandic.
    Just like the rest of scandinavia we are "Vikings" at least that is what our DNA tells us.

    Living in the faroes witch has one of the worst climates anywhere on the glope, where people actually live and prosper. I can tell you that your channel realy helps me to get through these long and dark winthers.
    As a teenager I was quit a strong player with great potential. But then I found the love of me life, please don´t tell my wife about this, witch was Bridge. A game with quit litteraly endless potential.
    I became a very strong international player, as we do not have the same way of rating players in bridge, I can only make an educated guess about my rating from bridge to chess. I think it would be in the high 2600 hundreds, mabye about 2685´ish. But again I digress.

    Back to your amazing channel, I began watching it for about half a year ago and right away I knew that this was something that would only grow on me. And look and behold: your channel has surpast both Hikarus and Agamators channels as my go to channel witch makes it my fav. channel.
    I can only pray that you will keep up your amazing work that gives me great joy to watch.

    alas I´am almost 100% that you won´t read my comment. Firstly I do not remember you makeing any referens to and comment giveing to you on any giveing vid. Secondly I know that my comment is way to long.

    But what is life without hope in this case, the hope that you will read this and mabye just mabye you can use something I wrote to give your self a well deserved a pad on the back.

  4. Dear Epic: you used to be good. I was excited when I found you and recommended you to many friends, but you, like many others, fell victim to the UTUBE competition and the race to the bottom. From sensationalised cheating scandal coverage to sounding liike football announcers. Sorry mate, there is no future in this since there are zillions like you who are doing the same thing.

  5. By far the best chess commentary on YouTube, what a great game as well!

  6. The black Mustang defence…. Ha hahahahaaaa

  7. Love your videos but could you do more resignation explanation please?

  8. Epic turning into one of the best chess sites on YT!

  9. liking the extra graphics added for effect

  10. Before you run out of superlatives to describe Carlsen's games, let me suggest a few more: Stockfishesque, mind blowing, crazy, AI-like, superhuman, rule-breaking, genius on steroid, history in the making performance, jaw-dropping moves, extraterrestrial chess. I invite other viewers to add more!

  11. Haven't watched the video yet, but yes please!

  12. 11:08. "Queen D1 check. Has Magnus just blundered?". Meanwhile the bar is still showing Magnus winning.

  13. can somebody explain 13:00 why queen did not capture the knight ? and check again

  14. Hahahahahaha! Garry Kasparov blunder!!

  15. All these YT chess experts believe that eliminating Queens automatically sends it into an endgame. But that’s not true, so they should stop saying it.

  16. I appreciate watching, and learning, without being made to feel like a complete idiot.

  17. it wouldnt actually be en passant there…🙂

  18. Wow Magnus just knows the Board so well and he’s always making Great Moves so talented he does it better than any other player outmaneuvering his opponent Great game well deserved victory by Magnus against a tough opponent Thanks for the Game James Enjoy your day

  19. I bite my half nails away mate😲

  20. So I know Hikkie is obviously the king of Titled Tuesdays, but Magnus's TT win rate must be pretty darn good, considering how many Titled Tuesdays he doesn't play in. Someone should really check that; would love to see this stat for both him and Hikaru

  21. Tremendous commentary , very exciting and i don't play chess!

  22. I wonder what the self-appointed Chief of the Chess Police, Kramnik, has to say about this?

  23. Two Serbian flags 🇷🇸 at the top of the list 💪🔥

  24. If I understand the video correctly, White lost on time. See 13:30.

  25. Wow!!! What a tense battle. Amazing chess.

  26. When I first started playing chess I used to play under Indian rules.
    In this kind of chess, the pawn can move only one square in it first move. So not competing for the center, fianchettoing the bishop /attacking the center with pieces are very common motifs.

  27. I'm convinced Magnus knows chess better than I do!

  28. 8:22 –The mighty King at d4 with that Infiniti Gauntlet, "I am inevitable."

  29. I wish I could just watch the game without the commentary.

  30. Here Magnus is put against the ropes but shows why he is the champ!

  31. How long before Kramnik accuses him of cheating?

  32. Magnus is a pure monster. That was a beautiful endgame

  33. It is like nothing we have seen before because chess is almost as fun as watching grass grow. So we have not been watching and therefore seeing. 🙂

  34. Great game, amazing commentary. I like that you don't get lost in variations. Best new chess channel for sure.

  35. Indeed forget the engine Magnus creates chances all the time. Thanks James.

  36. Get yourself a good mic, save yourself (and us) screaming

  37. Definitely some epic chess right there. Thanks man great coverage.

  38. Why were there inset videos of snow being cleared from roads? It looked like advertising but I couldn't see what for.

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