Charousek Speed Chess Tournament [179]

This is a speed (bullet) chess tournament (Charousek) I competed in on while livestreaming on . Time controls are 1 minute per player.



  1. You need to play a standard game against kingscrusher that would be epic

  2. I know lichess is very good at seeing cheaters, but IMadirtycheater seems to play very suspiciously and engine-like at time. Like perfect play, seeing every tactic at lightning pace. Every so often he will hang a piece or 'mouseslip' though, hard to know what to make of him.

  3. Wow i didnt know Notch was into chess. He just tweeted you 😀

  4. Thanks for the entertaining and educating videos, Jerry. Love from Morocco.

  5. ggs Jerry, always great to watch a couple youtubers have a bit of fun against eachother

  6. When your opponent berserks it feels like you too have 30s left.

  7. Nice video 🙂 These tournaments look way tougher then chesscubes

  8. Love your work Jerry, but damn did you run good on your opponent's missing things in that one! 🙂

  9. we wanna see a rival series between you and john.How about that jerry ??

  10. Fins challenged you to a match on his stream! He said it would only be for fun, of course, but there are a lot of people that would LOVE to see you guys duke it out!! 🙂

  11. As usual, good upload, Jerry. Glad to see my two favorite youtubers at it (you and JB).

    And also as usual, IMaDirtyCheater cheated 🙂

  12. what is the deal with the Scarlett Johanson image in the middle of the first game? "Give me all your…"

  13. Good laughs, needed those. Have you ever tried playing with a tablet? I wonder if it's easier to move faster and more precisely with your fingers instead of a mouse. Has anyone tried it?

  14. I thoroughly enjoy watching you play speed chess! Keep up the good content 🙂

  15. Wow, 2700. Very impressive Jerry, I enjoyed your video! 🙂

  16. I'm not usually one to point fingers and make accusations, but the way IMadirtycheater plays is suspicious to me.

    Like 5:52 for example. He basically had Nxd4 premoved, or at least played it faster than the average human reaction time would allow. How did he know Jerry was going to let go of the pawn at that exact turn?

    And then again at 5:56! Jerry moves his bishop and again, he premoves Ne2+ in response! Both times he capitalizes on something that Jerry let go of on that turn, and does so on a premove. How is this possible?

    Maybe I'm mistaken and he's just really good at guessing what his opponents are going to do. But wow is he fast.

  17. "John Coffee! … Who's John Coffee?! Sad movie, man"

    Got me good with that one.

  18. I always feel You got to be half mad or not sane to berserk VS Jerry

  19. lol at "bill gates" at 4:08. that bill gates square will outlive us all.

  20. I want to be as good as IMaDirtyCheater someday 😀

  21. Love your videos Jerry. Please keep the good work. You've helped me play better in chess 🙂

  22. He didn't see it. Pretty sure he didn't see it. He didn't see it again. He didn't see it.

  23. winning with 0.09 seconds left😄😅

    surely deserves another video.

    OH WAIT.

    it already exists
    'john Bartholomew vs chessnetwork'@14:33

  24. Will someone please explain the point of 'berserking'? I dont understand why you would want to cut your play time in half, is it just for increased difficulty?

  25. Every time you play the cheater guy.. You try to move as fast as him even though you get twice his time…. Which makes you screw up your moves… and lose lol… I think you would beat him more if you just played him like you do everyone else!


  27. One of the highest rating i have seen for you, good job jerry.

  28. I love your videos, Jerry. Your constant laughter always cheers me up. The only downside to watching your videos is that time flies and I find myself in the middle of the night watching videos until I fall asleep from exhaustion. XD

  29. seems the mouse slip in the first game.. was karma for all your slips ; )

  30. Lmao Bill Gates on game 4 too!! So damn funny Jerry

  31. 15:56
    It wouldn't have been a bishop sac, though. After the knight captures, his bishop would be undefended. You'd be up a pawn. At least temporarily.

  32. "I tried to take it back, but it was to late" hahaha, if i had to choose something to watch before getting killed on the electric chair, as john did, i would like to see this video

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